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Status Updates posted by shaneiskingg

  1. yeah sweet as bro, i got lebron james and michael jordan. & few more ..

  2. yeah man got a few on me u?

  3. ay bro been good, how you been ??

  4. More caws coming soon !

  5. lol dw found the song name =p

  6. ay hun juss wanna ask quick Q wats the song name u have on your profile? how u been anyway? x

  7. lol bro the last 3 formula's u gave me dont work looks like a f*kn monster :S

    anyway i got your tattoo's juss need to go get them...

  8. hey bro i only got to more extra caws Lil Wayne and Mr.t

  9. i have Kobe and Jay-Z to and there pretty much perfect :)

    let me no if u want

  10. hey bro im going to post you to formula's now 50cent and rocky balboa... 50 isnt really that good but its on the rite track but rocky is awsome i love the goldberg man its good didnt go so much on kevin tho have you got ric flair?

  11. thanks mate i cant get you the formula's today cause i have no net on and at a mates place but early in the morning around 3 ill post 2 caws for u in a message..

  12. i want kevin nash or Goldberg mann send me it threw message or hotmail and then ill send you 50cent i got more to like 2pac mike tyson Kobe jay-z and few others..

  13. nah sorry bro last time i did this doing it first someone stooged me u go first!

  14. aight man i'll have either Goldberg or scott hall you choose..

  15. if you have any wrestlers that i like im happy to do a trade

  16. yeah bro buhh i dont just hand out the formula to anyone sorry kuzz..

  17. ay buddy thnx for the advice you saved me from getting reported cheers

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