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  1. Awesome, that works out great considering I went with it and finished Team 619 last night. Now go bump my tribute topic so I don't look like a douche and post 3 times in a row. xD

  2. Hey, XT--question for you. Working on the Team 619 tribute CAWs and what nationality os Richard? Latin American? Help a brother out here. >:|

  3. Aye, I found it. Thanks. The pics were down but the video still works. Thanks muchly. :3 You may have seen my thread of original CAW tributes, I think Mr. Tony deserves to be in there.

  4. Dear my Tony, I am in your profile leaving the comments. I also request a CAW formula (w/ pics) of one Mr. XtremeTony for SvR2006. :3

  5. That would be mighty, awesome sir. Let me know! ^^

  6. Then I demand a formula! Well, ok--not demand but ask nicely. u_u Either way I would like to get the good ol' Sherman on my 06 memory card. :3

  7. Hey Zero, you have a CAW formula of Zero-X for 06 laying around somewhere? ^^

  8. Hey duder, I see you have Sherman CAW formulas for SvR 07 and 08, is there one kicking around for 06? :o

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