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Vulpes R

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  • Birthday 06/05/1978

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    Punk, Techno/Trance/House, pretty much a little of everything
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    Critic & Comedian
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    XBox, PS2, PSP, N64
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    Anything made of meat
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    White like a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm
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    Family Guy, LOST, Robot Chicken, Myth Busters

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    Portage la Prairie, MB, Canada
  1. Vulpes R

    From 06 to 2K17.

    Yup, he changed skin colors. The funny thing is, I couldn't find his original CAW at first on all 8 of my PS2 memory cards, so I just went with that and it came out awesome.
  2. Vulpes R

    From 06 to 2K17.

    Actually, it's based off an IRL tattoo I got years and YEARS ago. It's just an evolution of that. Any similarities to that CAW (who is me) and Balor are purely coincidental.
  3. Vulpes R

    From 06 to 2K17.

    While everyone is enjoying 2K18, I finally got with this decade and got myself 2K17. As some of you may remember from back in the day, I was pretty prolific in the SvR2006 forums when it came to original CAWs. So I thought it would be fun to do a side by side with the 06 versions compared to the 17 versions of New Breed Wrestling. In order not to clutter the page with images, enjoy an easy to follow imgur link! https://imgur.com/a/rY4EO Some you will see are complete revamps while other seem like high (very high) resolution versions. Comments appreciated and more on the way. Loads of custom image work, movesets and such.
  4. That would be my version of him in '06, yup.
  5. Anyone still playing this and making their own original content still 10 years after the fact?
  6. You're not the only one who still plays this game. I will try and make her tonight and take some screenshots if you like.
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