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  1. There's a moveset by a user called MrMatthew1997 for Mick Foley that doesn't seem that bad to use. Would you say that one's worthwhile to give a shot?
  2. Downloaded it, and from what I can see - no Logos are missing, and no issues have arose! You're in the clear, man. Great work as always, and I'm looking forward to seeing your Hulk Hogan CAW when that comes around.
  3. After downloading a Travis Banks CAW on CC, I realized it'd be good to have his respective partners - only problem is there's none of a good quality of Brookes, and only a handful of Lykos. Anyone wanna take up this task?
  4. I'm in the process of trying to get some 205 Live guys. I found CAW's for Gulak, Mustafa Ali and a few others, but I'm having no luck finding a good Lince Dorado. Anyone who can make one would be appreciated. The only few I have seen on the CC have disappearing custom images which is a pain.
  5. That's an amazing Kenny Omega. Any chance of making his tights attire from New Beginnings?
  6. Great job on these. I've downloaded all three and all work amazingly. Definitely not booty.
  7. Any chance someone can create an accurate attire of Shawn Michaels as he appeared in Smackdown Vs Raw 2008? ( Pictured below for reference. ) It was one of my personal favourite attires he's had in the game, and I wouldn't mind using it. Many thanks!
  8. Any chance you can make an accurate APA Bradshaw that can be set as an alternate attire? I've seen some CAW's which have modified hair, but work as alternate attires.
  9. What you could do is use that face glitch and add the Bradshaw texture on top of jbl and do the same for Farooq that's what I did. Tried to no avail. I'm hoping someone can fix it up, because I'm having no luck it seems.
  10. My thanks to BernieLomaxDied then. I can't make anything to save my life, but to know the textures are out there helps boost my hopes quite a bit.
  11. Seeing as the face-texture thing is now possible, I wouldn't mind having a Bradshaw and Farooq/Ron Simmons looking their part from 2001-2004. Any chance someone can make the APA attires with their respective beards? I know JBL's hair can't be edited, but perhaps give him his beard? Farooq wouldn't need much editing as far as I'm aware. Preferably on the Xbox One. Many thanks!
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