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  1. It would be interesting if the Japanese crowd took a liking to Elgin for his similarities to Steve Williams.
  2. Tigre Uno really had that resemblance with Rey. Lol at what he said XD
  3. Ahhh yes, KUSHIDAAAA! As much as I want Ibushi to win the G1 after winning the NJC, Nakamura might end up winning this and be the Heavyweight champ again before the year ends.
  4. That's better for Hardy, Let him take his time before something worse happen. As for Styles, I'm all in for one more TNA match, but to whom? I'm not really fond of a Styles vs Angle match.
  5. now i'm stuck choosing betwen dorada and kushida in block b. plus, tiger mask putting up a good start.
  6. I wonder who's going to top this year's BoSJ. Safe bet would be KUSHIDA.
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