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  1. Whoa! I saw this on your YouTube today & it blew me away. Incredible work
  2. Thank you! I dld version 2 of the ROH TV title & that one was fixed. Its the IWGP JR HW title for me that keeps coming up with the side plates missing
  3. Thank you so much! I will be downloading these as soon as I get back from the office
  4. IWGP Junior Heavyweight title & I recently ran across the same issue with your ROH TV title. Look forward to seeing these up after you get situated in your new home. Thank you for your work
  5. Hey man, I redownloaded your IWGP Junior Heavyweight title & the side plates of the belt are completely missing. Just wanted to give you a heads up
  6. Really liking the update. Looks incredible.
  7. Tnx, No it's not -100, but i will add some colour. Sorry but all 32 layers used No problem brother. Just checking. Keep up the good work. This one is probably the best Kaz I've seen so far.
  8. My friend this is looking amazing. Did you take all the hair color to -100 or do you still have some in there? I'm asking because it looks a bit gray, I would add some color to the hair and less transperancy to the designs makng the sideburns. Have you tried putting sideburns on him and the covering the excess sideburns with a skin colored design? It's looking great man. Fantastic job.
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