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  1. Dude, I saw you edited my post and then I instantly realized you've become a mod. Congrats man, you're an amazing member and deserve it more than anyone else!

  2. Thanks my dude.

  3. Seems fun dude, miss your posts though.. and yeah I started school too, it's some shit.

  4. wut happend to ya

  5. Really questioning why they opened the show with the Bravados and Future Shock. The match was good, but not something I would book on the first show in a major market.. To be honest, the show wasn't that good. But I do understand that it was their first show, and I am optimistic for the future.
  6. Yeah man, such BS. Adam, the worst BB player of all time, is in the final four. This sucks!

  7. Yeah I was thinking that too man, especially since when Pandora's box was open, the duel twist returned.:/

  8. Yeah same man, team Porsche!

  9. Yeah bro! Been rooting for her since the beginning.. I was upset when she was evicted :/

  10. Yeah man, that was my childhood. Shawn Hunter is my dude.

  11. Dude, I've been watching all of Boy Meets World for the past week.

  12. Dude, can I be a Cm Punk caw?

  13. Dude what's the link to the fed again?

  14. Yeah same bro. Good to know we share the same interests too.

  15. Haha yeah i'm looking forward to "Ill mind of Hopsin 4". He's such a great talent, i'm hoping he makes it big. He's so different it'll be exciting seeing something fresh make the scene.

  16. Hahaha wow bro that's so cool, I've actually just got into Hopsin, and I love his stuff. Good to know that someone on here has amazing taste haha.

  17. what mask did you do for your Rhodes caw? Great work btw.

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