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  1. Evofit

    Alternate Attire

    Go into roster through the main menu, set the alternate attire as the main. Then when you save changes, make sure to save for Universe mode slot you are using.
  2. That sucks about your save. Look forward to Tessa being released your is the best one i have seen.
  3. Howd Tessa coming along? Ivory looks good.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yes game now works better than when first released, but when the WWE game is the main game you look forward to each year it is crushing when it has so many issues and continues to have issue even after all the patches.
  5. You have to set the custom attires in the Roster section from main menue. You cant do it in Universe mode in this game.
  6. CAC mode is f#@ked!!! Crashed twich om me, and the colours and materials not working correctly. Belts look really bad. Will try upload one soon....
  7. Downloading now...looks like 30 mins to wait...
  8. Was there a another patch this week???
  9. Good start on Tessa, can't wait for Rae mode to be fixed to give all you creaters More to work with...
  10. Thanks ScheiBe's for the reply, I will keep an eye on this thread.... Also I should of also said in my first list; Xia Brookside Candyfloss
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