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  1. Awesome job guys, your CAWS are perfect in every single game. Any tips on face textures? (size of the image, prefer images from internet or games textures, blend from the cheeks with photoshop) any help will be appreciate since is the first time I use textures for my CAWS Thanks!.
  2. Well the last time I made a CAW was on the PS2 days (good old times) but Im glad I finally can try on the latest wwe2k game. I hope this community is still alive! Here is my first Hulk Hogan and CAW attempt Tags: HULK HOGAN MANSO EL GANSO Tags: DUDE LOVE MANSO EL GANSO WOLFDX Some of them are on CC search for the tag "MANSO EL GANSO", sadly I only have 5 upload slots :/
  3. Just having fun with this new CAW mode for me since i cant get custom logos or textures yet
  4. Nice Caw, and how you do textures on pc?
  5. WolfDX


    I guess this game is dead xD
  6. The formula can work with some tweaks and the caw looks ok
  7. WolfDX


    So i have a long time since I made a Caw, I have made so many Caws for the ps2 but this... Its my first caw for the psp (i finally got an emulator for psp and had to do this lol) Its The Undertaker!
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