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  1. Thanks Dude much appreciated Next Video is up with another new creation of mine https://youtu.be/rN7uCth4dIs Both guys are on CC as are the previous 3 CAWs Hope you guys enjoy
  2. Thanks man, next one is now up
  3. Hi guys, i've been in and out of the forum as my love of Caw making ebbs and flows. However this year i am all in (pun intended) and instead of trying to write, produce and publish a promotion, i've decided to just showcase my caws for you guys, on my new YouTube channel! https://bit.ly/2Vjs0jn Each week ill upload a new original creation and all will be available on CC!!! Hope you guys come give me a visit and maybe Sub to see some of my creations. A comment on each guy wiuldnt go a miss either Thanks PS. Big fan of everyone's Creations on here! been following you all for years!!
  4. AS-Badger

    Jay Savage 2K19

    Amazing work dude!!!
  5. As it says in the title, im trying to make jack sexsmith from Progress and am falling at the face hurdle. Can anyone help?
  6. Top work as always amigo!!!!
  7. These are some great Faction! Love it!!! Also may i use Pan Again?
  8. AS-Badger

    DPW is Hiring!!!

    Guys this isnt a dead post. Things came up which ahve forced changes to plans, but we still intend to push on
  9. AS-Badger

    DPW is Hiring!!!

    Hi guys, wow a great response so thank you so much for showing some interest. What we are looking for is people to "play" their caws, so for example if your character needs to cut a promo, you could record on as an audio file and we can put it onto the show. If possible we;d like people to be able to put their matches together, with their opponent using online modes etc. Rather than just me using your guys amazing CaWs, we all work together to put on amazing shows! if you guys are still interested then please drop me a PM on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ben.siddall.10 Cheers guys, looking forward to hearing from you! Peace!
  10. AS-Badger

    DPW is Hiring!!!

    Hello fellow CAW makers and creators. Do you have an awesome CAW sat waiting to be shown off to the world? Do you want to become part of something fun and exciting for everyone involved? If so then DPW could be the place for you! Destiny Pro Wrestling is a new (brand new) promotion looking to put on great shows on YouTube for the world to watch, and for that, we need talent! If you/your caw are unique, based in realism and is well made then we need you! If you are interested, drop a comment and you will be sent the details in full! Come be a part of Destiny!
  11. Just don't think it fits the radicals persona haha. Would work great as a second character though.
  12. Aside from the daft punk one. This is your best incarnation of the Radical yet man. Great work!!!
  13. I'll upload them today. tags will be #UWA #SES
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