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  1. Wasn't there a note about the new patch that referenced something about the NWO compatability...or am i talking out of my ass?
  2. That would make sense...but it's 2K.
  3. I understand copyright issues, but even they could have done a bit better detail-wise.
  4. I dare anyone to deny he isn't worthy of this. I had the opportunity to see him live in person way back in 1997, and to see him up close was something to behold even then. He deserves this.
  5. Good for filling out a roster. Maybe there are more, maybe even some old faces from the recent 2K games.
  6. They always seem to have problems getting his face right...although compared to certain years, at least this years isn't totally bad.
  7. Likely due to travel restrictions between US and Europe, besides the UK roster needs some depth in the Women's division.
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