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  1. You serious??? What's wrong with people nowadays?
  2. Still less random than some of the recent WWE 2K games.
  3. If he gets cleared soon, he might be back in time for Wrestlemania ( April 5). I mean things could be set up in a short span of time, right???
  4. I don’t get it. Empty seats in front of a screen. Hopefully, they'll give some kind of explanation or something along those lines next week...hopefully...or not.
  5. Yeah, there is a great game in there somewhere - and I love the textures that Visual Concepts have brought to the attires, the glittery stuff in particular is really good. What do you think of the latest version of Edwards and Knightmare? (I will post pictures at some point - promise!!) Haven't got Knightmare yet, but Edwards kicks ass. Good job.
  6. It took me three tries on easy, but on the third try, I employed a hit and run strategy and employed weapons as much as I could. Took a while, but it paid off eventually.
  7. Any chance of doing you doing some PS4 stuff or are you being an PC-exclusive creator? Either way, I love your stuff and wish you good luck this year.
  8. As long as we don't get a voice over like Cena's last year, we all good. I still remember Austin Aries' as Jacob Cass, in '12.
  9. Throw in El Mago(sp?) as well and I am happy, as I used them in a stable in NXT in Universe.
  10. So, was it worth the wait for more info???
  11. That would actually be a cool idea, i like it.
  12. I have an idea of what my Universe will be but I cannot get down the details until I see the full roster. Same as myself, but it will also depend on the numbers of CAW slots as they'll make up quite a few roster slots in any promotion I create
  13. Considering the first Smackdown had just 3 (Chyna, Debra, Tori) we have come a long way.
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