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    Brian Pillman, Waylon Mercy
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    The Scorpion
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    Xbox 360 [of this gen], others I don't play much anymore.
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    WWF [not E]
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    Oz, The Shield, or Generation Kill
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    Captain HOi
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    Northern Ireland
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    Head shrinking
  1. Don't buy it, it's shit! One of the worst games I ever bought, could not rent it even from Xtravision! Was dying to try it but it was cack.
  2. I dont know! Please PM me the name of the site, unless its IGN. Likewise, please let me know via PM. I am curious as I ahd one bad experience with a forum before. People abusing admin etc. EDIT: Oh, and welcome obviously! [sorry lol]
  3. I mistakenly created a hello thread elsewhere on the site afetr searching for [and failing to find] a thread like this. thanks to user 「 H Y T M A N 」 for pointing me in the right direction and hello to all! If you're on Xbox Live why not add Captain HOi - I don't glitch, I don't spam [unless to counter a glitching/spamming opponent] and I don't even have that annoying F**KING headbutt, quick buzzsaw kick, and other cheapo moves in my moveset. Hell, I barely have any spectacular/power moves in there as my CAW is meant to be me, and I'm NOT a pro wrestler in real life. Well, be seeing you all...I'll be around more when i get my new PC.
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