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Blackbird 13

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    Punk, HBK, Flair, Sting, Raven
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    All of it!
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    XBox 360, Wii, PS2, NES, N64
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    Law & Order SVU, Criminal Minds, WWE Monday Night RAW, TNA Impact
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    ... I have a Wii Network ID? Wow.. I didn't know that

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  1. Blackbird 13


    In my opinion, there isn't an excellent one out yet.
  2. Blackbird 13


    After looking in the thread, Storm should no doubt be **. It's worth noting that just because something was only one star on here doesn't mean it isn't awesome... only that I can't verify that it's "almost in game model" quality. I'm sure there are more than just that one that I have listed as * that should be **... but I was hoping they'd come out in the wash as people make suggestions. Defract's Cole is the one I was looking for.. I couldn't find it and didn't know if it was still up. If the consensus is that this thread will cause more harm than good, I'll pull it down though. A shame, something like this could be a great resource.
  3. I'm guessing Public Enemy isn't going to make your AE roster? Excellent stuff so far, Dyno!
  4. Blackbird 13


    *Due to the consensus that this is a bad idea, I'm removing this thread. As a side note... it's a shame that people can't be honest and realistic. I made a Hollywood Hogan one year that I thought was solid, but I was aware it was a stopgap until Bhangra Man's came out. I really hope one year that all of the excellent CAW makers in this scene can coordinate a bit, and it'll be really easy to have something like this. Thank you guys for the stuff you do.
  5. Seeing as how you've technically paid for the privilage of online access (included with the cost of the game, but $10 on it's own)... if they block that access based on you simply using the service (i.e. downloading a texture and then reuploading a CAW with that texture)... I would think there would be some SERIOUS legal issues with that..
  6. The idea that people are getting banned from using features of the game solely because they've DONATED time out of their lives to make 2K's product better is COMPLETELY ridiculous.
  7. This problem is ridiculous.. but DLC moves have nothing to do with it. Some of bobby de niero's old CAWs from November/December have suddenly stopped being accessible for me.. so there's something else going on here.
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