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  1. So for anyone who cares about Seven Deadly Frames, a new game got announced and it looks like another BotW/Genshin type OW, but with underwater exploration. Solo Leveling also has a game by the same dev.
  2. It wasn't aimed at you; just something I've seen.
  3. Well to be fair, it's a conversation he's had a lot. As for the casuals thing, yeah it basically just boils down to don't be an asshole. Everyone starts off bad. They'll get better eventually if they care enough. That being said, if you go on bitching and making excuses and just generally acting like scrub, you deserve to get clowned. Also, the reverse applies too. Ever since SFV released and that whole shitshow went down, I've been seeing an increase in...I guess you could call it anti-competitive mentality. Even longer if you include Smash. Personally, I'm not competitive either, but it does get annoying seeing it all the time and seeing people act as if "fun" isn't completely subjective. I also find the people who brag about how they're bad at fighting game and don't care about getting good or playing other people and so on to be really insufferable. To go back to the whole fighting game difficulty thing, I don't mind simple games existing as a whole, but I do hate the recent trend of dumbing existing franchises down. Also just the fact that it feels like pretty much every fighting game is being simplified now, especially the big ones. Some people like harder games, but it feels like those people are being left behind and if they try to vent, they just get dogpiled and accused of gatekeeping and told to deal with it or stick to old stuff and I hate it.
  4. I'm assuming this is a defense for fighting game difficulty since that's kinda been his stance for years. In which case, I agree. People who want to learn a game are gonna learn it regardless and the people who don't won't learn no matter how much you dumb it down. Personally, I'm a selfish asshole who couldn't care less about casuals or growing the scene or any of that. I just want something I enjoy.
  5. No, they already said what it is. Scenes from the MCU playing out differently. What does the MCU (I know the games exist, but they are nothing to do with the MCU) have to do with Capcom? Well Mahvel Infinite was basically a giant MCU ad. But really, nothing. Just hoping for something that has no chance of happening.
  6. Please let that Marvel If be Marvel vs. Capcom. Please.
  7. https://twitter.com/Mlickles/status/1138678472857907200 And does anyone have the "Aqua Konosuba" stage?
  8. I was watching Power Stone videos yesterday and it really is 3D Smash Bros. It also got me thinking what if someone mixed that with an anime arena fighter like Kill La Kill If, Nardo Storm, Xenoverse, or whatever have you. That'd be pretty damn awesome. Then I played MHA One's Justice and thought, "this could work". Just remove the wall stuff and tracking, then add items and the ability to have up to 4 players.
  9. I'm fairly certain a large amount of those sales come from P4 and it's spinoffs and close to 10 million is nothing in the grand scheme of things. P5 on it's own is only over 2 million and I think that's one of if not the best selling ATLUS games. A large portion of those characters (like Metroid and Castlevania) are icons whose legacies extent well beyond just the sales of their games. Hell, MetroidVania is a damn genre. Not to mention you have characters like Captain Falcon whose legacy is largely based around Smash and Brawl, Smash 4, and Ultimate have all individually sold more than the entire Persona series combined. Same goes for Ice Climbers and Game & Watch. Marth and Roy in Melee introduced a shit ton of people to Fire Emblem and the Awakening characters are from the game that saved the franchise and made it one of Nintendo's top series. Kirby and Meta Knight are not only Sakurai's creations, but from another top Nintendo franchise + an anime that ran for a good while on 4kids. Shiek is from one of the most highly praised video games of all time. You not knowing who these characters are really says more about you than those games. Also, define most. Just from a few random google searches, you have stuff like Duck Hunt and Wii Fit (individual games) selling more than the entirety of Persona. Metroid and Kirby also have it beat. Then there's the obvious stuff. From the little bit I've seen, the only stuff Persona's outdoing is the newer series with not that many games like Xenoblade or Bayonetta and some of the dormant stuff stuff that hasn't have a game in over a decade Series that've sold more than Persona -Mario -Pokemon -Zelda -Kirby -Metroid -Street Fighter -Metal Gear -Sonic -Megaman -Mii series -Wii Fit -Duck Hunt -Donkey Kong -*censored*ing Splatoon with just 2 games -Yoshi -Animal Crossing -Final Fantasy (the 2nd biggest JRPG franchise on the planet behind Pokemon) -Pac-Man -CastleVania Yeah that's nowhere near "most" As for other JRPG, it's a niche genre with only a few heavy hitters, and even then, Persona isn't even in the top 5. Main series Pokemon games individually outsell the entire Persona franchise. Then you have Final Fantasy, Tales, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts.
  10. I could give you the half-dozen Fire Emblem characters that nobody uses (I still don't know why there are so damn many in the game)...but, if you actually don't know 90%, then you just don't know video games. Anyway, I'm still a holdout for Sora. It would be a perfect time to be like "We're releasing re-masters of the original KH games on Switch, and Sora is coming to Smash". I don't think we'll get Master Chief, because even though MS and Nintendo have a strong relationship now, that still seems like a stretch. Maybe Steve from Minecraft...but probably not Master Chief. - If I could pick the remaining slots, three of them would definitely be Sora, Steve, and Prince of the Cosmos from Katamari Damacy. Sakurai's a FE fanboy + marketing + timing. Corrin was added specifically to advertise Fates, and Awakening saved the franchise. I highly doubt we'll get Sora just because Disney, and outside of Fire Emblem, Nintendo and more specifically Sakurai really don't seem to factor marketing into character decisions that much, especially for 3rd parties. Hell, we're only just now getting FF7 on Switch despite Cloud coming to Smash years ago. https://twitter.com/shofu/status/1119424872122208256 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D4d_kPnUcAAZhgJ.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D4edKHrUEAAGe1I.jpg
  11. So Ultimate managed to sell 12 million copies in under a month. By this this point, it's likely passed Brawl and combined Smash 4 making it the highest selling fighting game of all time and the top 3 highest selling all Smash games.
  12. "Character must have originated in video games" Wolverine will literally never happen. Don't know what tiny barbarian or owl boy are, but if Shovel Knight and Shantae couldn't make it as playable, no indie is. Steve,...I desperately hope that doesn't happen. Katamari, just a hunch but yeah no. Random thought, but Saber from Fate could happen.
  13. This sentence offends me more than it ought to. I honestly feel the same. Also, if anyone's wondering why the AI's suddenly a hella lot harder, it's likely because there were actual pro players developing game. I know two of them are Amsa and 9B. Don't remember who the others are. As for my crappy DLC wishlist (because screw trying to predict Nintendo or Sakurai)
  14. Doesn't really change my point. Or any of my other points.
  15. Fire Emblem says otherwise. Not to mention even with Brawl, I saw that that was how a lot of people got introduced to Snake and Metal Gear Solid. Why do you think so many Indy devs were pushing for their characters during the Smash Ballot? Besides, the majority of the type of people asking for Banjo are likely Nintendo fans anyway.
  16. Not that it really means anything. Like at all. Of course Phil would want Banjo in Smash. It's free advertising. And everyone wants their character in Smash. Just look at what was happening during the Smash Ballot. People were trying to practically give away their characters to Sakurai.
  17. The amount of stupidity, trolling, and other overall nonsense involved.
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