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  1. I created Tessa on a request im still trying to find out more about her but i wanted to upload this for everyone as soon as i could as my work is getting in the way, sorry but there is No moveset, , no entrance , but there are 2 attires
  2. Update: changed Nakano's second attire to a WWF attire. Uploadied to Community Creations there will not be a Moveset included. I have seen a Bulk Nakano caw by KingSummz with a good move-set, id suggest downloading it for the moveset as its what ill be doing, ideally id do my own move-sets but i just dont have the time.
  3. Jessicka Havok and Evie are now online.. ive had a break from cawing.. trying to get back into it
  4. Thanks And about those kickpads... I've tried a similar technique... But I'll keep sussing it out
  5. she doesn't have that rough look, lol its hard to do that without a texture like that, but i am using a great face texture of her.. it just doesn't accentuate that side of her.. and yeah.. the hair choices are disappointing .. but hey we have the hair dye this year..
  6. Jessicka Havok Preview im about to run out of layers.. i wont be able to add the black top she has with this, as ill need to add it with designs. if people dont mind her like this ill just finish this attire here and add her tattoo.. oh and the kickpads .. i still dont have a way to add them both yet.
  7. Those reference pictures have helped quite alot thanks penguin , I worked on Havok all afternoon after work, I think tomorrow I'll be able to finish the attire, although I'm running out of layers so I'm thinking of sacrificing the black top she wears underneath, and I'm also trying to figure out how to get two different kickpad designs... If anyone knows the trick to it id love some help. Anyways there will be an Jessicka Havok preview tomorrow whether or not the attire is complete. Thanks guys
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