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  1. I'll settle for number two lol

  2. What bar? o.o My warning status? I misread the rules ._.

  3. I'm sorry to keep you all waiting to those of you who've read one of the posts in the 2011 forum, I've decided it's too late in the game, however the SECOND I get 2011 before I do anything I'll start on the CAWS and have a preview quick as crap, they'll be crappy previews but after that I'll put them on LIVE for you all to tweak and even post the formulas for them.

  4. Roode first then Chris Sabin. Then Storm and Shelley.

  5. Sorry I've had issues and my internet was temporarily shut off but to reward you all for being so patient I plan on releasing a formula for Robert Roode within a week after the next update which should be this week.

  6. I'll see what I can do, if I can I'll try and squeeze a few more good updates in before my disk kicks the bucket.

  7. I will but I'm afraid it will be a LONG time before that, as my disk is really messed up.

  8. MCMG are coming along good in my opinion

    Slash for the win! His tone is amazing, I have a digitech RP500 Epiphone, and Line 6 and still can't recreate it, and his work is amazing especially on his new album. Buckethead I'm a big fan of as well I love Soothsayer as in my opinion is one of the best instrumentals I know besides Orion and Always With Me Always With You, and of co...

  9. Sure man! Just let my finish the Machine Guns and Beer Money unless you think you can help me on the attires which I can't get for the life of me (MCMG)

  10. Happy Birthday To Me (18)

  11. My ex hated them lol. But I'm a major fan yeah, on my CAW I used a texture and gave him a Guns N Roses T shirt from Appetite of Destruction with the Anarchy A on the back.

  12. Hey do you still need the moveset? Because I've seen alot of people telling you that they have a good one.
  13. It's very good, so what are his alternate attires going to be? Hoping that since your avatar is Raven, that means you're a Raven fan and make his Kaz attires.
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