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  1. Since I doubt 2K will actually extend 2k19 lifecycle and 2k21 probably won't happen, I went and finally bought the deluxe version of 2k20. It is a game that I know that fully doesn't work from a place I hate in Gamestop but for $30 for everything I can live with both of those facts.
  2. I do like Pete Dunne wore a WWE2K19 jacket instead of a 2k20 one.
  3. Cody claims the exalted one isn't suppose to be a spoof of Vince McMahon. I mostly believe that too because besides sneezing thing which may have been a McMahon thing. The rest is a mix between cult leader and BDSM stuff. I agree with the gear sucks part though.
  4. If they pulled someone from WWE then Breeze would make the most sense because they are close friends and have a wrestling school together. If just based on AEW current roster probably would have to be Cody since both of their current mentors were a legendary tag team together.
  5. I wanted her to win but I would have been ok with Chelsea Green winning. She sold like crazy there.
  6. They tried to add break period where you can't attack your opponent to give them a breather like when you pull back your fist instead of doing what you were trying to do. But it feels like an unnatural pause and kills match flow. And hit detection in general sometimes is just bad.
  7. Bucks vs. Omega/Page Pac vs. Omega Cody vs. MJF Cody vs. Warlow Cody vs. Jericho I heard Cody vs. Dustin was great but didn't see it. So you know probably anything with Cody in it probably is up there.
  8. Speaking of disappearing acts was randomly looking at a theme playlist and saw Sadie Gibbs name in it. I completely forgot she was with the company.
  9. Those wrestler crowds definitely help the show feel alive. I am just waiting for one of the wrestlers to wear a bright green smiley t-shirt.
  10. I do like that Natural Nightmares logo.
  11. Jericho is great. We don't drink on the job.
  12. Cody trying to get Tony in trouble with his wife. He only looks at Britt for work yes just work.
  13. Sale on WWE 2k20 and the DLC on PSN store. DLC2-4 is $14.99 Had it included DLC 1 maybe. But DLC is half off at $7.49 The base game is under $20.
  14. Cody also loves belts and he never said he couldn't go after this title. It was just a guess.
  15. Hoping for a Darby Allin or MJF win, but think they already have the Lance Archer nameplate ready to be placed on it.
  16. Finishing up Sniper Elite 4 and just started Deux Ex pretty much the few games from having PS Plus while waiting for Witcher 3 to come in from Gamefly.
  17. Didn't pay attention to them getting a smaller limit placed on them over last week. It is a shame since I thought that worked pretty well even without a normal audience.
  18. It is really odd the leader of the faction doesn't wear the factions colors.
  19. I thought the Dustin and Sonny team was a lot more interesting. And Dustin could have used something of QT in that team name. Dustin just combine his current nickname with a past nickname.
  20. Yep you were right it was just mouth guards. He got them all. Don't know which logo went on each glove. So end up it doing heal on left and hurt on right. Is that correct or is it the other way around? There wasn't a blank image on the bag like the other missing logos. Did you just wanted it placed on the front of the bag? And Gary wasn't missing that tattoo. It shows up in creations and in matches.
  21. On the plus side One Piece will outlast the virus.
  22. Postpone their big match does make sense, but I am not sure a 1 on 1 between Jericho and Matt is a good idea.
  23. They hopefully will slow down for a while now. Because having too many debut around the same time weaken the impact. Lance Archer is already two debuts old and they haven't really did anything with him yet. And beating some people in some deep wood backyard wrestling doesn't mean anything.
  24. Well that probably was a better use of Matt. Vanguard 1 coming in with a crowd would have been amazing.
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