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  1. That new reigns music is amazing. I am glad I was home to watch it live. Has a final boss and mafia mix feel to it.
  2. I missed when that was announced, but now it seems like they should have keep them separate.
  3. Moose has a better champion aura. Impact recently official reactived Moose’s world title. So Swann probably going to beat Moose and lose one of their wold titles to Omega. Then Moose still will have the sole world title in Impact.
  4. Agreed, why did he have to mess with the best theme in the company. The three parts also don't flow into each other well. I hoping when ever the Go Big show is done. He goes back to his original theme. I also won't mind if he went back to the gold visuals instead of the dark ones which were for his one week character change.
  5. Well that killed three out of four of my guesses. But since they seemed to be picking up some NWA talent and having a relationship with Impact. A man who held both of those world titles seems like someone who could be considered HOF worthy. Unless HOF worthy really just mean a former big name from WWE.
  6. I believe it was one of the weeks where AEW and nXt didn't go head to head so if the nXt move rumor is true then AEW probably will break 1 million a lot more. Guess wise I would guess Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett, or Nick Aldis. And my long shot guess is Melina to give Shida a high profile feud.
  7. Usually you want your marquee match on last so people will watch your undercard and see other future then they may like. When you put on the thing everyone came for first after they see that they usually leave.
  8. If you reverse the other of the matches I thing the show probably would have felt better because the Shaq match should have been the main event. I am glad AEW knows Max Caster belongs as a singles. Bowens tries but he adds nothing to Caster.
  9. I caught that too I think that is the Young Bucks stock line for anyone from WWE. Because it made no sense. He is one of the few people causal fans and people who don't currently watch the show know. And if their was no AEW Jericho still had ton of options not WWE. Like NJPW, Fozzy, Radio show, cruise, and a ton of other stuff he probably does.
  10. Really happy Lashley finally won the big one, but it is crazy how much this mirrors his TNA reign even down to MVP picking up an injury right before it happened.
  11. I guess you can never say never in wrestling.
  12. Never seen or heard him outside Impact and only started watching it again recently since their move to AXS since I don't get that station.
  13. So I guess Cousin Jake use to go by Jake Something. Only realize that like three minutes before his promo since his twitter handle was shown as Jake Something.
  14. Speaking of names I think they should have came up with a better name for Max Caster.
  15. Don't know why Cody lets everyone in the nightmare family. Has being in it done anything for Lee Johnson.
  16. I hope their entrance is available for two people. But feel they may try to lock it like the other couple entrances.
  17. From AEW would like Cody and Sting. From Impact would like Moose, Rosemary, and Fire and Flava.
  18. It is like he added a bad neck tattoo type of decision. The prelude cuts off early, the song feels like three piece that don't fit together, and kingdom part is very low. I have a guess why the last part is due to someone trying to hide were the musics were spliced together. I had done it before but thought a company would do it better. He probably knows it is bad but don't want to insult Snoop by getting rid of it so quickly.
  19. I also hate when DLC is announced before a game is even released but Velvet is probably preorder DLC.
  20. Everyone wants to be Harley Quinn but personality wise wwe harley should be liv.
  21. I like how woods still show off his uudd merchandise when it has it own shop now.
  22. Drew beat Brock all alone until Ricochet has seen the light.
  23. I think doing Dynamite they said next year so sounds like they are hopeful for 2021.
  24. No Mercy probably did it do technology restraints. TNA did it because they were lazy, ran out of time, or both. Hope they go all out with the Revolution set entrances.
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