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  1. Nope it wasn't inside a match and only recently started universe mode. Which brings me to another bug. After changing the material on piece on someone who was in Superstar universe mode I keep getting infinite loading screen so had to delete the save.
  2. It is fine now but it was actually in the create of moveset section. A few moves were showing the wrong move. Next time I looked at the section it was fine though.
  3. Not sure if it was last patch but a lot of moves seemed to be replaced with a double knee facebuster like stalled suplex 1.
  4. Kross entrance being in black and white is cool but they not need to use the filter when he is just out there.
  5. Drew's promo would have been a lot better if the last time people saw him he wasn't happily singing.
  6. Swerve is great as a face and a heel
  7. Too bad United Empire didn't stick around a little longer.
  8. He did what he needed to do to try to draw attention from Punk and Elite stuff so had to go shocking.
  9. Since it just happened I will ask here is the avalanche air raid crash in 2k22. Both Drew and Champia sometimes do it but I never found it in game.
  10. I just thought about this the other day. Since it isn't licensed music I hope they just keep her alien theme since they probably don't have extra time to update models.
  11. Christian has been the best segment three weeks in a row. And it would have been nice if they had just giving Swerve in our Glory or Team Taz the tag title before so they could feud. This is the second time the tag champions had to be randomly inserted in their feud.
  12. When referring to the five I have been going with The Undisputed Elite which still can be shorted to the UE. Once they drops the Bucks I assume they will come up with a new name.
  13. Scorpio Sky was also one of the few to beat Jericho when he was at his best in the company. But agreed he is someone you used to fill out a team until you can get someone better.
  14. So far looking good. I also think it is great that actually are willing to show some early gameplay. Something other wrestling games even games from other genres are sometimes afraid to do.
  15. Braun was a weird case. WWE wanted to push him way to early which fans hated. He got over to amazing levels with fans then WWE got cold feet on him. He lost nearly every big match he was in and got way too many joke Wrestlemania matches. Still he did better then a lot originally suspected. Aleister Black is the most shocking one since his current thing on smackdown seemed like it was going well. But it probably was a last-ditch effort to see were they going to keep him Lana was eventually going to happen. She was good in a manager role. She probably has an open door to AEW with Miro there so she will be fine. Murphy I don’t know where he with wrong besides having a bad name. They seem to not care about Ruby since her injury return. She lost to Liv who was doing fine on her own. Only to start teaming with Liv to make her a loser again. Santana Garrett really hadn’t done anything yet.
  16. I think doing Dynamite they said next year so sounds like they are hopeful for 2021.
  17. No Mercy probably did it do technology restraints. TNA did it because they were lazy, ran out of time, or both. Hope they go all out with the Revolution set entrances.
  18. Three games and t-shirt. One console game developed by Yukes and a developer from No Mercy. That sound like a very strong base. Two mobile games: One being a GM mode which has been requested for years from WWE games. The second one is weird but looks like a gambling game. And it is AEW so of course they have to have a shirt involved in everything they do. The first two though if done right will force WWE to step of their game.
  19. I also had it from gamefly just sitting around for a while but didn't own it was just a rental. I think most people prefer the first two but I ended up spending more time playing this one.
  20. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Just finished up all the collectables yesterday. I almost thought about playing it again on very hard which I did start. But after one missed jump that I believe I should of hit at the very end of the puzzle they put me back about 20 minutes due to the less saves. Less auto saves is fine but they could at least put me in the start of the puzzle room. Not four sections back.
  21. Shida knows how to play "To Zanarkand" wow and I didn't think she could get any better.
  22. Finishing up Sniper Elite 4 and just started Deux Ex pretty much the few games from having PS Plus while waiting for Witcher 3 to come in from Gamefly.
  23. Jump Force was a huge disappointment. Other anime fighters it pulls character from does the fighting better like DBZ, Naruto, and One Piece. And speaking of those three too many characters from those 3 which have dedicated fighting games and not enough from lesser series. Couldn't give the 4 main characters from Yu Yu Hakusho. Couldn't even give two main characters from Black Clover. Repetitive boring missions inbetween the load times. And yeah the fights are less time then the load time to get into the fights. Glad Shadow of Colossus was one of the free games this month because they was a pleasant experience.
  24. I really enjoy 1 and 2. Two especially was needed to give people the things they liked about the older GTA games that GTA4 moved away from. And while 3 wasn't as good the coop help make it ok.
  25. That video was about 8 minutes long they should cut about a minute and half off their matches are air those on tv.
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