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  1. Sup?

    1. Royal Nakamura

      Royal Nakamura

      Nothing, man, just been relaxing and having a great holiday. What about yourself?

  2. Holy shit dude, your Youtube account just gave me hours of great wrestling <3

  3. Why were you demodded?

  4. I found that on photobucket ironically. Download GIMP.

  5. I'm not sure I know he did it in a spring 2007 photoshoot with the WWE. But I'm pretty sure he never did. Though it's one of his attires on my SvR2011 CAW of him...

  6. What you gonna do dawg??????///???

  7. DayDreamer has a twin :lol:

  8. Ohh it's called Altern 8

  9. Maryse is so *censored*ing hot.

  10. I'm saying hello.

  11. Ohh I am sorry AA I forgot but its okay. I do apologize though

  12. Why are you being an asshole?

  13. I agree with Sunny you are trying to ruin a huge part of Caws

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