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    Well, hello there.
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  1. That was way harder to get through then I had anticipated
  2. Okay great. I knew the show was changed in a big way and seen the new Dark Order-heavy card. I'm really hoping for some Dark Order wins. I'm still gutted about this one. As fans we're so used to losing people but this feels like an Eddie kind of death right now.. Glad they decided to push the original show back to have a complete Dynamite is Brodie type show. Also the site looks great here. I just can't believe this haha. I dug a significant part of my younger life haha.
  3. Damnnnn. I haven't been on here in years, so many of you guys are still here that's awesome. Also did the Kenny and Fenix match get moved to another show? Wasn't it going to be on tomorrow's Dynamite?
  4. I stole about every single one of those pics on this page
  5. Is the product in TNa worth keeping up with again?
  6. I remember I marked hard when I heard line in the sand
  7. That's somehow the coolest thing I've ever seen. +1 to Lesnae for wearing a suit
  8. Immediately imagined Ryback double Shellshocking them
  9. Well I'm gonna pick this up probably tomorrow if its 45 or less
  10. And Andre. There is only 4 people on Mt. Rushmore
  11. My Mount Rushmore would be Austin, Hogan, Taker, and Vince
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