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  1. The nostalgia I felt when first seeing Spidey in his Raimi suit.
  2. Silicon Valley - Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency
  3. Killing Eve. Just finished the first season, pretty good. Jodie Comers acting is brilliant.
  4. Somewhere Between. Decent show overall, started off a bit weird (acting/dialogue felt clunky) but as the plot progressed, the season started to get better.
  5. Goddamn, I cannot stop replaying Morph off of this album.
  6. Louis Cole (feat. Thundercat) - Tunnels in the Air
  7. Melo-Zed - 11am (feat. Dani Sofiya)
  8. Cobra Kai - S1 E6: Quiver This show is a blast so far. And I just love how non-PC it is, too.
  9. Hey bud, how you doing? It's been a while.

    1. Lyriqz ✪

      Lyriqz ✪

      I'm alright, thank you. How about you, friendo?

    2. Royal Nakamura

      Royal Nakamura

      Yeah not too bad. Good to hear you're keeping well.

  10. <3 My GOTY from 2015 Yeah, I loved a great chunk of Life is Strange. I still need to finish the prequel.
  11. Wait, are the Valkyries those massive creatures that use the stomp as one of their moves? I just started playing yesterday, but man, it is *censored*ing tough to defeat them atm. Or at least find ways in doing so.
  12. Yeah, it's like I forgot it was coming out on the 20th. For some reason, I felt as if it was releasing later than that.
  13. Yeah, shit, I was thinking of pre-ordering this yesterday. Nothing wrong with buying a game in advance lol.
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