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  1. Hey bud, how you doing? It's been a while.

    1. Lyriqz ✪

      Lyriqz ✪

      I'm alright, thank you. How about you, friendo?

    2. Royal Nakamura

      Royal Nakamura

      Yeah not too bad. Good to hear you're keeping well.

  2. Hey, what anime is that character from, dude? Been looking for new shows to watch

    1. WH!!


      She's from To LOVE-Ru. Anime in the sig is Polar Bear Cafe.

  3. Hey, Limit, do you have a .zip for the Thundercat album

  4. Oh yeah, it came from me :) It just stuck in my mind as a title that'd work. Thanks for reading / checking my stuff out, too, if you have - really appreciate it.

  5. Do you mean the blog itself or the name, haha?

  6. Tenkyou. Was tryna' learn from the best <3

  7. Jesus, lmfao. Like, what, 0/10 godawful? :o

  8. Hey, could you check out my Gambino review if you can & tell me what you think (:

  9. I can see you peeping my profile, you know. >.>

  10. Omg, if that's FKA twigs in your sig, I didn't know you liked her <3

    1. Lyriqz ✪
    2. Lyriqz ✪

      Lyriqz ✪

      And she has an awesome ass too.

    3. Royal Nakamura

      Royal Nakamura

      I love that and her eyes, too. Her face is like a pretty experiment <3

  11. "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks."


  13. new song made. hopefully on to the next one soon.

  14. Sick avatar, dude! Didn't know you were a Tyler fan. :D

    1. Rockstar™


      Thanks, bro. Oldsie made it :D yeah, Tyler is awesome :)

  15. why u on my profile but u leave no comment? (LEMONGRAB UNACCEPTABLE)

  16. the world is what you make of it. learn how to code. be free. break the chains.

  17. All good, man! I didn't get any notification of you messaging me hence why I only realised now. How you doing, my brudda?

  18. Poe, could you read my blog and tell me your opinion on my reviewing style?

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    2. Royal Nakamura

      Royal Nakamura

      Cool bro. Yeah, you just feel like leaving the canvas blank but you know you've got to paint some sort of picture when you're reviewing something in particular.


      You should watch Secret Window. It's not nearly as terrifying or mysterious as Paranormal Activity but it has Johnny Depp in it. And Johnny Depp ALWAYS wins.

    3. Poe Øhlin

      Poe Øhlin

      I'm a sucker for a Johnny Depp movie haha. Paranormal Activity is pretty bleh in my opinion.

    4. Royal Nakamura

      Royal Nakamura

      I thought it was great because I didn't know if it was a documentary or fictionalized.

  19. How's things going, my *Censored*

    1. Herb.


      can't complain, sup wid u

    2. Royal Nakamura

      Royal Nakamura

      i'm good, man, just contemplating how to move forward wit' life, you know. although time is progressing, I want to know I'm moving forward wit' it, you know.

  20. Thanks for the compliment, man! I actually have a blog if you want to read a couple of my reviews. PM me so we can keep talking and shit, bro

  21. Who 'dat in your avatar

    1. Crack.


      Lol I have no idea, I think it's just some random Tumblr chick




    2. Royal Nakamura

      Royal Nakamura

      Lol, oh man, so that's the only pic of hers I can marvel at.


    1. ǤODFLOW


      THE WHOLE THING??!!!??!!??!

    2. Royal Nakamura

      Royal Nakamura

      Just messing. Only the song featuring Frank Ocean but we're getting closer!

  23. Where have you been, O Great Poster?

    1. Crowley


      My posts will be more sporadic, but I'm still here! I went a few months without saying anything, but I'm back.

    2. Royal Nakamura

      Royal Nakamura

      That's good to know, Crow! I think it'll make for some great discussions again in the WWE Universe thread.

  24. What's up, mane?

    1. Lumpy McRighteous

      Lumpy McRighteous

      Same old shit as usual, brah. How about you?

    2. Royal Nakamura

      Royal Nakamura

      Just been doing the same shit for like...ages. Feels real monotonous, I need to go out and do shit or at least go back to playing Fight Night and/or Sleeping Dogs.

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