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  1. Found ROH on my TV now I have more wrestling per week. Awesome.
  2. Second run-through. Michael has 1.8Bn and owns $10, $20, and $30 million cinemas, Taquila, and 200m golf course. Franklin has 2.1Bn and owns Smoke on the Water Trevor has 1.6Bm and owns his plane runway property. Made money and but also lost some money using stocks post-Lester & Stranger mission. EDIT: Trevor is my test dummy character. Any suggestions for a vehicle for Franklin (prefer 4-door car), and Trevor (anything). I don't like how the weed farm raid wont re-occur for me with Trevor after getting $40,000 my first time. Anyone have suggestions for Single Player money making?
  3. Damnit, Franklin jumped into a triangle glass pillar outside the building you need to get on top of for Dom. He stood up inside the pillar and now he's stuck. LMFAO RT if you cried.
  4. I'm not there yet, but I am sure any of the endings will result i 100% completion.
  5. $150,000,000 & $200,000,000 properties are insanely high, but that's what makes it awesome.
  6. These pictures are awesome. Keep em' coming!
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