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  1. So the only Hogan in the game is the red/yellow? No nWo version/attire at all? They have Hall and Nash, find it hard to believe there is no nWo Hogan.
  2. These are only the new ones? So what old ones remain? We finally have Hogan back with Hall and Nash, there is no nWo entrance at all ??
  3. I'm very curious on the Towers Mode, with Roman being mentioned so far. This mode is ripe for many of the legends. I haven't played a WWE game for quite some time, so I'm not that familiar with the mode. It seems like a great solution/replacement for the story modes of past. Seems to be a playlist of a wrestlers career. Hogan, Sting, Undertaker, would be sick, etc.
  4. Hollywood Rock with proper entrance this time
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