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  1. If Gran Turismo can be totally rebuilt from the ground up this generation (GT Sport), albeit a lackluster launch due to its e-sports focus, so can WWE games. GTS, now, is much better thanks to continuous updates/free DLC (Games as a Service) and ready for next-gen. VC has a perfect opportunity to not release a game next year and instead tell fans because of next-gen hardware being released, they will launch at a different time. Here they can build a new game/engine/4K-60-whatever, call it WWE 2K, and release a great base game. Then instead of new releases each year, just do a big expansion (maybe $30) that adds to the game, updated rosters, rings/attires of the year, alumni, etc. Every 5 years, perhaps a new game.
  2. So the only Hogan in the game is the red/yellow? No nWo version/attire at all? They have Hall and Nash, find it hard to believe there is no nWo Hogan.
  3. These are only the new ones? So what old ones remain? We finally have Hogan back with Hall and Nash, there is no nWo entrance at all ??
  4. I'm very curious on the Towers Mode, with Roman being mentioned so far. This mode is ripe for many of the legends. I haven't played a WWE game for quite some time, so I'm not that familiar with the mode. It seems like a great solution/replacement for the story modes of past. Seems to be a playlist of a wrestlers career. Hogan, Sting, Undertaker, would be sick, etc.
  5. Hollywood Rock with proper entrance this time
  6. urmie

    moves wishlist

    - Test's Big Boot - Hopefully a new leg drop for Hogan that's actually Hogan
  7. Anyone see this? Is this related to 2k20? https://twitter.com/WWE/status/1147520735403020288 Also this one: https://twitter.com/WWE/status/1147173459086249987
  8. With the Rock in as usual, my question is Hollywood Rock in the game at all? To me, that's the best version of the Rock, entrance, theme, heel moveset are top notch. What was the last game heel Rock was in?
  9. So zombie HHH and a gold Styles, are these hints for cosmetic microtransactions? We all know the CEO of Take Two wanted mx in every single 2K game. (hope he doesn't ruin Red Dead 2) If they can offer this, why not offer legit attire DLCs for everyone? There were plenty of PPVs that passed where the superstar wore something special. Sasha and Alexa both wore new outfits for Dubai, wouldn't mind that at all. This past SummerSlam Charlotte and 'Mella wore Neidhart tribute outfits, etc.
  10. urmie

    2K19 Moves Wishlist

    I'll say what I always say every year. - Test's Big Boot Additional: - Hogan's moveset - new and nastier Clothesline from Hell
  11. urmie

    DLC Discussion Thread

    Will Baron Corbin's entrance get updated via a patch? His new theme is awesome.
  12. So I just read about NBA2K and it's microtransactions and my first thought was WWE2K, do you think 2K could be greedy enough to make this transition to WWE games? Stuff that was once free, now being charged. Hair, mic skills, attributes, etc. https://kotaku.com/nba-2k18-is-riddled-with-microtransactions-1818554307 https://youtu.be/c9gwtmcB_TM
  13. urmie

    DLC Discussion Thread

    After looking up old moves for the sake of the Moves wishlist, I noticed something....I really like the old school announcers, if 2K can take old school voice clips for Showcase mode from previous games, then I think it could work for announcing. I'd like to see a DLC for announcers for old school matches only. - Vince/Macho/Piper/Monsoon/Heenan voice pack Example of Heenan/Monsoon: https://youtu.be/Odnr6tQEBvc?t=53s Monsoon: "Check out the cervical vertabrae, this one is over" Classic commentary. The next match in that video is Vince/Macho, then Vince/Piper, so good.
  14. Needed to add another move to my original post: http://caws.ws/forum/topic/478015-in-gamemove-pack-dlc-wishlist/page-3?do=findComment&comment=10896135 - Undertaker's old school Tombstone piledriver, not the crotch in the face version, his OG version, with the opponent's legs to the side. Source: Heck, throw in the first nasty one he gave Koko B. Ware. https://youtu.be/boRwCqSY5MU?t=1m50s
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