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  1. My insomnia is kicking in again. Lucky if I get 2 and a half hours of sleep at night. Sometimes melatonin helps, sometimes it doesn't.
  2. Id prefer proper file support for custom music, personally. I tend to modify songs I use as themes.
  3. The casino game, to be clear to anyone who didn't watch the video. Not the console game.
  4. I'm just utterly disgusted. At this point, this is a pretty blatant coup attempt. Any of you down in DC I hope you're doing well and are safe, as a canadian I'm not going to get too into it as I clearly don't have the perspective a lot of you will but I can't help but be utterly flabbergasted by todays events.
  5. Show me somethin good Kenny-boy, give me some confidence in the project!
  6. Still hoping for 4th gen remakes to get announced this year.
  7. Careful of Rowan '19s entrance. Either the motion or music. Can't remember which, but one of the two softlocks the game into a loading screen.
  8. So, I haven't seen his source yet but Smacktalks is reporting that 2K22 will be using a live service update model. I'm... rather worried about that. Sure, this means the game could recieve constant content updates.. but it also means that a notoriously greedy publisher now has a doorway to push their monetization further on the series.
  9. I'm gonna be so heartbroken if they *Censored* it up.
  10. If 2021 is as bad as 2020, I may Just headbutt a wall.
  11. 400 for the base game and I think around 50 to 100 for each dlc. Can't remember exactly, haven't played in a while.
  12. Was playing Rogue Legacy, but it was making my head spin so I decided to stop for a bit.
  13. Ah yes, although the DLC lets you fix that since it gives you the ability to turn dynamax mons into gigantimax.
  14. I don't... thiiink Gengar is exclusive.. I mean I'm pretty sure one of mine is from my game (albeit I had to trade for it since I don't think Gengar is one of the trade pokemon that roams the wilds). Awww well, nothing beats my shiny gengar anyway!
  15. Started playing around with my copy of RPG Maker MV again last night, relearning the things I forgot since I haven't touched it in almost 2 years. Surprisingly fun to use, even if it did take me a half-hour to remember how to get an event to turn off and keep off a background sound.
  16. We're supposed to get something after Dynamite today, though I don't know if the Brodie Lee situation may change that at all.
  17. I figure anything I make, i'll eventually transfer over to 2K22, Wrestling Code, and AEW Game soo.. might as well use ideas when they come to me!
  18. Unfortunately the weird issue I have with FromSoft games where the character starts wiggin out when moving forward started happening in GoT too, which sucks because I really wanna play it every time i see more screenshots. Just waiting on a new controller to arrive, friggin Canada Post is slow as molasses (for understandable reasons) right now.
  19. Bruce Mitchell should be *censored*ing ashamed of himself.
  20. I give my girlfriend shit (playfully of course) for shooting squrrels, so imagine i'm wagging my finger at you.
  21. Decided to boot up again and see if the new patch did any good. Crashed again. *Censored* this. Hurry up with my *censored*ing refund Sony.
  22. Hopefully both AEW and WWE are planning ten bell salutes. The man deserves to be honoured.
  23. Oh my god.. I didn't believe it when my friend sent me this, I thought it was an awful joke. Holy shit..
  24. Yup! You can also edit one post but that feature is a bit.. buggy, when you decide to add spoiler tags so be aware. And yes, your CAWs look great man, just don't want to see someone with a genuine love of CAWs getting in trouble.
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