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  1. The models looked about the same, but the lighting, specifically the shine, seemed to be better.
  2. How long before ya think WWE 2K22 gets its own section? We could probably move the entrances thread and my moves wishlist thread over to it.
  3. I'm a huge critic of 2Ks advertising and marketing system (they're the opposite yet equally as awful as THQ was), so seeing them mention it this early and even show in-game models this early is, to me, a good sign.
  4. If this isn't just lip-service then i'm glad to hear it. Until they prove it though, there's only one person in 2K whose word I trust and they haven't been around since November.
  5. Well the graphics certainly didn't look too bad, though not mindblowing by any means. I would need to see more without constant quick cuts to make a proper judgement but the lghting looked good at least.
  6. Was hoping the game would run a bit better and more stable on PS5 but nope, still runs like dogshit. Dunno how much more i'm going to do before 2K22 at this rate, considering every CAW I make is a fight to get the game to let me make what I want.
  7. Of all the damn people who could've come back, it had to be you. God I need to get some blood pressure pills..
  8. Work from home is a thing, and a hell of a lot easier to do when you work with computers than it is via physical labour. They've been working on it, they'd have been idiots not to be.
  9. What exactly do you think they were doing? They have a team dedicated specifically to WWE games, and i'm fairly certain Battleground was handled by a different team, nevermind that they started taking polls and suggestions immediately after the new manager took over. If they haven't been using that extra time, they're absolute fools.
  10. There is no game at all that is completely bug free, i'm not asking for an impossible task, I just don't want it to be... well, 2K20.
  11. Something "functional" coming out. I do have high hopes for this though. I'm expecting it not only to be.. you know, not a buggy mess, but with some nice features or at least existing features expanded on, and hopefully the new gen versions looking nice.
  12. eh, I'd prefer they still release around october/november, more dev time. Instead i'm hoping this means they're dropping their infuriating minimalist advertising system for it. They need to wow the crowd after 2K20s disaster, which means if I were them i'd be pulling out all the stops to show off everything they can and assure people it won't blow up in their faces again.
  13. I don't really play much sports games so I don't know what developers are good and what ones aren't. Ironically I probably actually wouldn't complain too much if THQ Nordic came a calling.
  14. No. I despise EA, I would straight up just not play a game they released, period. I would be done with the series if it fell into their hands.
  15. If it doesn't help, then i'm absolutely done defending them. I've championed 2K for years, but 2K20 was simply inexcusable.
  16. 2K15 isn't a fair comparison, that was made immediately after the switch from THQ to 2K (yes, WWE 2K14 carried the 2K name and branding but was still more or less a THQ made game), the engine was being rebuilt and direction changed; and the upgrade from PS3/Xbox 360 to PS4/Xbox One was in my opinion quite a bit more drastic than it is here. What's more, we must remember that 2K15 received a boatload of criticism for those missing features, I doubt they want to repeat that mistake after how much of a disaster 2K20 was. As well, they've had an entire extra year to work on it; even if doing so from home that should still have counted for something.
  17. I ain't paying money to watch wrestlemania this year so i'll have to get the details after from either social media or you guys. I'm mostly expecting it to be announced for next gen consoles as well as current gen, and maybe a release date window. Doubt they'd show any actual gameplay.
  18. Playstation 5 obtained, beware O world.
  19. I think I know what you're talking about and I doubt there's anyone insane enough to mocap that, lol.
  20. I can't find a video of it at the moment but back in TNA, Ron Killings (R-Truth) used to on rare occasion use a diving version of his corkscrew axe kick. I would love to get that move in since a famouser just isn't the same. EDIT: Found one.
  21. Not a done deal just yet but I'm pretty sure i've finally managed to secure a Playstation 5. Edit: if all goes well i'll have it by tomorrow evening.
  22. Well i'm not a fan of the new world title but I must say, that NJPW Strong openweight title looks gorgeous to me.
  23. Yes, but I can only judge what I see. I hope it turns out better, i'm just saying this isn't the best first impression to me personally.
  24. That... severely underwhelmed me. Those animations are not great and the lighting seems.. off.
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