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  1. 17 hours ago, maskedmaniac said:

    A lot needs to change for me to purchase the next game, regardless of what theme it has or what the roster looks like. The in-ring camera angles and TV-style presentation are awful to be honest and take away from the enjoyment of playing the game. As I already said lighting is ugly during matches and wrestlers move terribly sluggish. Hit detection is bad. CAW mode also needs a re-vamp, it seems dated now and it can be done better, just about any other sports game like UFC or various RPG's have the ability to create better looking characters with far more realistic hair styles and facial features. Models in WW2K games look shiny like plastic, not like actual human skin should look.

    I think this is a bit silly. Yes games like Ea UFC have better looking models for caws but it comes at the expense of how in depth you can make them. Pretty as the ocean, shallow as a puddle.

  2. This is very likely to be the last CAW I make publically for 2K20, as 2K22 is coming soon and i'm utterly tired of the issues with 2K20.

    The Amsterdam Superman Casper Koning, comes with a face Hero attire and an Anti-Hero heel/tweener attire with the tagline NO Hero NO More. NO points for guessing who he's based off of. I may give him some tattoos in the future if I kind think of some I think suit him.


  3. 16 minutes ago, The Nerd said:

    My guy! That’s why I asked you, you’re always extremely honest and knowledgeable about the process. I agree with this. Ok so gotta deprogram myself from thinking current engine equals automatic bad game. Want to brush up on gaming knowledge as far as how these things happen and how coding and etc works. 2K19 was definitely a great game IMO. Even with its bugs, there were less crashes, better physics and more enjoyable overall. That’s why I believe with the extra time they could’ve just built upon 2K19 while adding in meaningful matches that work and operate correctly. I’m optimistic.

    Glad I could help

  4. 39 minutes ago, maskedmaniac said:

    True. It's gameplay that is the issue, but I do feel like the whole current engine, if that is what it's called, needs an overhaul. The lighting is terrible, the physics are bad, walking and movement of the wrestler models also adds to the lack of enjoyment.

    Lighting is usually dependent on the lighting engine, which is not the same as the game engine. Not always, but I believe that is the case with the WWE games. Walking and movement are an animation and control issue, engine doesn't need to be changed to fix that. Physics.. I can't say i'm one hundred percent on that one. They could be a game engine issue assuming you mean hit detection but those might be fixable without having to build something new.

    Don't get me wrong guys, if 2K were to suddenly announce they had a team working on a new engine to replace the aging old one, I would be excited, because they could build it to natively support a lot of features and issues they've had to work around; but its dangerous to get into thinking that the engine is the be all and end all of the whole shabang.

  5. 16 minutes ago, Exorcism said:

    I’d love to see create a finisher and I’m sure they can do much better with modern tech. I mean, Fire Pro has a move creator of sorts. Maybe 2k can emulate that mode and perfect it. I’d really like to see create a move more specifically that can be used as signatures and finishers and can create submissions, etc.

    Ehh, I think the comparison between Fire Pro and WWE is important there. Fire Pro has a good move creator, but all its moves are entirely sprite based. There's no fluidity or jank you need to worry about there, in comparison to flowing mocap.

  6. 16 minutes ago, Exorcism said:

    Although a lot of them were silly, I hope they keep ALL of the new moves and DLC moves from 2k19 and 2k20.

    I’d also like to see a Rick Rude kneeling pile driver if it can be hand animated or done safely.


    Another cool move I’d like to see is the middle rope gut buster used a lot by some wrestlers in WCW.

    This might be the safest Ganso Bomb i've ever seen. Holds him higher up than normal so that they don't hit the mat at the same time, and then uses his legs to let Warrior slide to the ground safer.

  7. 58 minutes ago, The Nerd said:

    B-Cross explain me how this is going to work o with the engine. Do you think it’s possible to get a great game on the current engine? 

    2K19 was a great game.

    Here's the thing, when most people hear game engine, they tend to think way to rigidly. Its not a simple factor of "game engine old therefore bad". It can be limiting if something in the engine wasn't built to handle an idea (for instance, the current WWE games engine is not built to handle submission holds from a turnbuckle that go into the submission mini-game, thus why the turnbuckle Bully Choke or whatever Brian kendrick changed it to is just a regular impact move). But the engine like anything else is still a bundle of code that can be edited and modified by talented coders.

    The main problem, of course, is time. Working on an engine, whether modifying an existing one or creating a new one, is a lot more involved than just making a game using the engine. The issue is not that the engine is bad or anything of the like, the problem is A: They brought in a bunch of new coders who had absolutely no experience with the thing for 2K20, B: they used 2K18 as the base for some idiotic reason even though 2K19 had already fixed up a lot of stuff. C : (*Censored* off emojis) from what I can tell,  Yukes coding is already rather messy and any programmer will tell you trying to read someone elses code if it isn't extremely well done is like pulling teeth.  D : (seriously, *Censored* off emojis) 2K20s issues from what i've heard was not just code related.

    Do I think a great game can be made on the current engine? Of course I do, Skyrim was made on the same engine, albeit modified, as Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Morrowind. WWE 2K19, while still rather buggy, was made on the same engine as 2K18 and 2K20. I also am aware that they would need a lot of time off (in-office as well, and likely 2 or 3 years just working on the engine without even using it to make a game) to make a new engine that wouldn't have enormous caveats, sloppy code, or severe oversights.

    The goal here for 2K needs to not be "oh no engine bad we need new engine now plz yes", it needs to be sitting everyone down, getting familiar with the code and how it all works, dedicating some goddamn time to bug testing and fixing, management that doesn't sit around on their ass and leave everyone with no clue what they're doing, and a willingness to stand up to 2K and WWE and say "if we release this broken, its going to be another disaster. If we need extra time, give us the goddamn extra time".

    2K20 was in my personal opinion the culmination of multiple issues with Yukes departure acting as the catalyst to trigger them. I am of the personal opinion Yukes leaving is not a bad thing, they are not blameless in the issues the games have had for years, and going across the pond on a constant basis to make a game every year was eventually going to blow up in their faces. The problem is the suddenness of it all, and no one thinking ahead. The engines age is actually something of a minor factor, I think, in it all. Whats needed is time, talent, and common sense.

    The upcoming competition might also be a nice kick in the ass which the series has sorely needed.

  8. 1 hour ago, Graeme Jones said:

    Tbh, I'm not sure if I want to upgrade to the PS5. The Xbox Game Pass is the reason really. I'm undecided at the moment. But as things stand? Will probably get 2K22 on the Series X.

    Rumour has it Sony is working on a proper answer to gamepass (since Now certainly isn't it) but your point of view is certainly understandable.

  9. 11 hours ago, Luchador LXXXV said:

    Now I just hope I can find a PS5 or Xbox Series X in stock on many store shelves by the game's release than keep going crazy for one avaliable online

    Got mine just the other day. Thank God for kijiji

  10. 2 minutes ago, Luchador LXXXV said:

    Nothing "mind blowing" but we are lucky we at least got a teaser trailer with game footage. Graphics ain't bad at all and those models definetly have to be some of the best ever for a wwe game 


    What, you don't think WWE'12 Booker T is the epitome of quality?

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