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Status Updates posted by CROSS-Out

  1. What is on my mind? Trust me, you do not want to know..

  2. if it is your birthday then happy birthday buddy :D

  3. I haven't added you as a friend yet... that's very odd.

  4. he was pretty awesome in TNA but i wish he'd make a WWE return and show some of these idiot heels how to cut a real promo, and maybe inspire them to get gimmicks that don't make people yawn.

  5. i had to friend you after that comment, it was hilarious.

  6. calling you out for doing so, i thought we've already established that. please tell me your not one of thoughs people that throws the word "hypocrite" around any time someone disagrees with them.

  7. look, i respect you, but if its on a public thread, then there is no bloody thing as "butting in". if you can't handle being called out...

  8. enjoy your virginity skippy.

  9. good man, assassinate them fools.

  10. good man, assassinate them fools.

  11. added you as a friend (how the hell had i not yet done that O.o)

  12. awesome, my girlfriend is studying to become a vet, and i plan to open a game shop once i'm out of this rut of a town.

  13. i'll add it when i next boot up my PS3 but i don't use wrestling on it, i use wrestling games on 360, my PS3 is mostly just for ninja gaiden sigma and fallout :P

  14. unfortunately with the topic closed, i must disclose that in fact i use the 360 on your comments section instead.

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