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  1. On 12/23/2020 at 10:03 PM, wes19er said:

    Thanks,should I just reply to original post to add stuff?

    Yup! You can also edit one post but that feature is a bit.. buggy, when you decide to add spoiler tags so be aware.

    And yes, your CAWs look great man, just don't want to see someone with a genuine love of CAWs getting in trouble. :cool:

  2. 42 minutes ago, Kman said:

    I've seen alot of people in twitter praising CDPR for their transparency and I've got to call it out for the BS it is. They weren't transparent hence the shitshow they find themselves in. It's essentially a message apologising for being dishonest and shady about last gen BUT they were  still dishonest in order to capitalise on day one sales. They screwed the pooch and now that they are backed into a corner they're trying to save face with their 'pro consumer' stchick. 


  3. Well good for them for acknowledging they screwed the pooch royally on last gen. It does not make up for actively not showing any footage of it (and I do not for a second buy the idea that they just forgot), and it certainly doesn't make up for the game being in this condition after they had the audacity to institute crunch despite promising not to, but its still a step above what other companies would do regarding this situation.

    I'm going to wait for the next patch to see if the improvements are noticeable, if not then I'll refund the game until I have A PS5, if so ill hold on to it and keep playing.

    That said, I've been preaching elsewhere for a while now that I believe that the video game industry as a whole needs a proper governing body, one that can assess and block releases if a game is technically up to snuff. Not a body meant to judge s games morality (though I certainly wouldn't be against them being able to block a release due to excessive MTs or deceptive advertising practices) but a governing body that is out to put the consumer first. The ESRB is currently unable (and seemingly unwilling) to do that. This launch just adds more fuel to my fire in this regard.

  4. There's a specific song in the game i'm trying to track down, because its awesome and I want it on my ipod yesterday, but NO ONE seems to know the name of the track. Its a song that plays in Afterlife and the chorus has the words "Everything burns" in it.

    Edit: HAHA, Found it!


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