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  1. Decided to boot up again and see if the new patch did any good. Crashed again. *Censored* this. Hurry up with my *censored*ing refund Sony.
  2. Hopefully both AEW and WWE are planning ten bell salutes. The man deserves to be honoured.
  3. Oh my god.. I didn't believe it when my friend sent me this, I thought it was an awful joke. Holy shit..
  4. Yup! You can also edit one post but that feature is a bit.. buggy, when you decide to add spoiler tags so be aware. And yes, your CAWs look great man, just don't want to see someone with a genuine love of CAWs getting in trouble.
  5. Merry Christmas Graeme, and merry christmas and happy holidays to all you miscreants who kept me sane in the last year despite how dead this place is at the moment!
  6. No doubt i'll pay dearly for it in a month or two but for now, I decided to splurge some and bought a new 4K television while it was on sale from best buy. Finally out of the 1080p era.
  7. Keep it in one thread dude, or you'll catch hell for spamming.
  8. I've also had people just walk into me on the street. Its almost as if they aren't programmed to recognize the player is there.
  9. The driving AI in particular is absolutely awful.
  10. I requested the refund. I can always buy it again later when it functions but on my base ps4 slim it is *censored*in unplayable.
  11. Does anyone elses settings keep resetting themselves on a new session? I need to set the gamma low and font size higher because my eyes are getting worse and I keep having to redo it each time.
  12. Its pretty good on motorcycle but cars are atrocious.
  13. Can we just pretend 2020 never happened? Strike it from the records, burn anyone who mentions it at the stake?
  14. Pretty sure I'm gonna get *censored*ed over tonight.
  15. This is why companies should require a proper refund support system instead of the half-assed setup Sony uses. I like Sony over Microsoft most of the time but Microsofts refund policy is far ahead.
  16. Sony are refusing me a refund, because they're assholes.
  17. Well good for them for acknowledging they screwed the pooch royally on last gen. It does not make up for actively not showing any footage of it (and I do not for a second buy the idea that they just forgot), and it certainly doesn't make up for the game being in this condition after they had the audacity to institute crunch despite promising not to, but its still a step above what other companies would do regarding this situation. I'm going to wait for the next patch to see if the improvements are noticeable, if not then I'll refund the game until I have A PS5, if so ill hold on to it and keep playing. That said, I've been preaching elsewhere for a while now that I believe that the video game industry as a whole needs a proper governing body, one that can assess and block releases if a game is technically up to snuff. Not a body meant to judge s games morality (though I certainly wouldn't be against them being able to block a release due to excessive MTs or deceptive advertising practices) but a governing body that is out to put the consumer first. The ESRB is currently unable (and seemingly unwilling) to do that. This launch just adds more fuel to my fire in this regard.
  18. Hopefully they capture more than just a handful, one of the worst non-bug issues with the 2K games is the rather lazy audio design.
  19. When the game functions, its fun as hell. Klthat said holy *Censored* those cyber psychos are tough. I took one out i clearly wasn't supposed to be able to yet by hanging back and planting him through walls with a tech sniper rifle for 10 minutes.
  20. If it isn't on your machine currently, don't bother. its still broken as *Censored*, and as far as I know you cannot download a save for it.
  21. God the AI in this game is such utter trash. If its not obsessed with going outside the ring and throwing opponents into stairs over and over, it gets stuck in a 3 move spam loop.
  22. There's a specific song in the game i'm trying to track down, because its awesome and I want it on my ipod yesterday, but NO ONE seems to know the name of the track. Its a song that plays in Afterlife and the chorus has the words "Everything burns" in it. Edit: HAHA, Found it!
  23. aaaaand another crash. least the frames seem slightly more stable. slightly.
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