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  1. 47 minutes ago, JDSIZZLE17 said:

    Has anyone ever encountered a glitch in WWE 2K20 where a wrestler who previously lost a championship still is shown to be carrying around the belt even known someone else has it? Does anyone know how to fix it? I've had this happen with a custom & in game championship.

    Probably, i've experienced every bug under the sun at this point.

    For the record, if you're in the middle of a universe PPV with champiosnhip matches and exit, then return to universe, all those championship matches will have been changed to non-title matches.

  2. I'm just utterly disgusted. At this point, this is a pretty blatant coup attempt.

    Any of you down in DC I hope you're doing well and are safe, as a canadian I'm not going to get too into it as I clearly don't have the perspective a lot of you will but I can't help but be utterly flabbergasted by todays events.

  3. So, I haven't seen his source yet but Smacktalks is reporting that 2K22 will be using a live service update model. I'm... rather worried about that. Sure, this means the game could recieve constant content updates.. but it also means that a notoriously greedy publisher now has a doorway to push their monetization further on the series.

  4. 28 minutes ago, TrisetMaster908 said:

    Oh lol, don't really know much about Sword and Shield. Its like the least I know about a Pokémon game. All I heard it had a very small roster but some DLC helped fixed that. 

    400 for the base game and I think around 50 to 100 for each dlc. Can't remember exactly, haven't played in a while.

  5. Unfortunately the weird issue I have with FromSoft games where the character starts wiggin out when moving forward started happening in GoT too, which sucks because I really wanna play it every time i see more screenshots. Just waiting on a new controller to arrive, friggin Canada Post is slow as molasses (for understandable reasons) right now.

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