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  1. Almost less of a scoop slam and more of a standing michinoku driver.

    There's some finishers in AEW i'd love to see make it in. I can't remember the users name but one was a move I've wanted in for a long time, where they apply a double underhook and bring them up onto their shoulder, then flip em forward and sit down ending it in a facebuster.

    Or how about El Phantasmo's finisher, or Shingo Takagi's.  Or a sit-out crucifix bomb that doesn't have some idiotic head shake in the pin.

    Shooting star headbutt, shooting star legdrop, shooting star stomp, shooting star senton, cannon ball leg drop, creeping death, Mutoh style shining wizard, tiger flowsion, pole shift, pole shift flowsion, diamondhead,, go flasher, black crush, Fenix's modified kinniku buster, a new package piledriver with a pin would be nice, Ryusuke Taguchi's Dodon The End, Paroxysm, a new headlock driver we can actually use as a finisher and doesn't look stupid, redo the os-cutter (preferably while making in-side springboards usable as finishers), 720 DDT, double team powerbomb lungblower.

  2. Since its more or less deader than disco (and deader than Disco Inferno's morals), I figured we might as well chat about stuff we hope to see in 2K22 OTHER than bug fixes. SO.. moves. Anyone wanna mention moves they hope to see?

    I'll start, I'd love to see the Cobra Twist Bomb (flipping over or falling back, either variation works for me) make it in. Love that move.

  3. Sorry for the wait, photoshop decided to be a real uncooperative piece of shit tonight.


    AEON (has darker attire not shown here)

    Aiko Takamori

    Andrea Ryan

    Chris Bourne

    Cole Graham (One half of the World Wide Riots)

    Cyrus Oxley (messed up brother of Drake Oxley)

    Devlin Marko

    Drake Oxley (returning CAW of mine, not so messed up brother of Cyrus)

    Eric Kage (former prisoner, gimmick based around seeking redemption)

    Garrett Gibson (somewhat based on Brodie Lee, may he rest in peace)

    Leo Calhoun (second attires hair-dye is buggy when looking in CAW mode, difficult to get a good picture)

    Liam Ryan (younger brother of Andrea, and leader of the Shamrock Syndicate)


    Nate Deacon (One half of The Silver Knights)

    Nic Venom

    Omar Baz

    Ray Brooks (Other half of the World Wide Riots)

    Riley Young

    Shaun Brennan (returning after a hiatus from my roster, still a member of the Shamrock Syndicate)

    Skylar Divine (on and off again tag team partner of Leo Calhoun)

    Sylas Corvo Pentagast (you get absolutely zero points for guessing what he's based off of)

    TK Phoenix (redesigned from previous looks, and the other half of The Silver Knights)

    Warren Andrews (returning from Hiatus)

  4. Its definitely something to do with the profiles, as I have an alternate profile that uploading works fine on, but for christs sake if I find out its because they got lazy and somehow *censored*ed up accounts that happen to have 2K19 saves on them, i'm going to be pretty goddamn frustrated.

  5. 1 hour ago, Fight Me. said:

    Listened to his pod earlier. Yeah he still seems pretty salty about how he feels The Elite used Bullet Club's popularity and then broke away from em. He just seems like a loyal dude to the original BC and sees the others as sell outs. He says he felt triggered seeing Omega call em Bullet Club when they tried so hard to get away from them. I kinda get it but yeah.

    He always seems mad at em, but then I remember moments like him popping up in the middle of Talk n Shop to say hi to the Bucks. Maybe he's just working but he's always seemed to have shown no interest in popping up in AEW or Impact to face the others.

    Maybe, but its starting to get to a point of ridiculousness. The amount he keeps at it, its starting to feel less like "BC loyalty" and more like "bitterness everyone else keeps going on to bigger and better things while he's still stuck in NJPWs tag division". Hate to be the one to tell him this but he's not "THE" bullet club guy, and like it or not the Elite were a big part of BC, as were Gallows & Anderson. More than the GoD, in my personal opinion.

    Still, if he's just working the twitter crowd then good on him, just hate to think that it might be legit sour grapes. I mean hell, Anderson was there before he was.

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