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  1. The Barlow Boys (tattoos gained from CC because frankly finding tattoos is getting to be annoying af sometimes) (wish I could've gotten a better picture but that entrance animation is fast) Colt Barlow Casey Barlow
  2. Well I think I finally figured out why i've been dealing with horrible insomnia, tiredness, fatigue and inability to concentrate for the last half a month. Turns out the prescribed medicine I take for my chronic heartburn causes a B12 deficiency if taken consistently. The final straw to figuring this out today was when I suddenly felt exausted and sleepy after only being awake for three hours, turned around to lie down and just.. collapsed on my bed. I've got some supplements now, we'll see in a day or two if they do the trick.
  3. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    Taker and Goldberg can both *Censored* right off with their glory days chest pounding nonsense.
  4. Well, at least one thing is still consistent about the series. CC is still filled to the *censored*ing brim with edgelord CAWs.
  5. I saw it said elsewhere but it bears repeating considering that situation. Game companies don't see good will as just that, good will. They see good will as a currency they can build up and then spend to do shitty stuff. This is in my opinion one of the reasons we've started to see a lot of publishers destroying their own reputation as of late. They're trying to "cash in" their good will and realizing suddenly that nah, it doesn't *censored*ing work that way.
  6. I agree. Its why I find it so tragic, underneath ALL its horrific issues, 2K20 is still the superior game. Its just.. I really wish they had just buckled down and kept patching it for another half a year.
  7. I'm trying to go back to 2K19 and as much as I despise what a mess 2K20 is, its just so difficult to go back to a game with less moves, inferior (in my personal opinion) controls, and lack of ring shake.
  8. His page says he hasn't been on since november (hopefully COVID didn't get him), but he could be stalking without being logged in, for sure.
  9. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    I will always respect undertaker the character and performer. But the more Mark Calloway the person opens his mouth, the more I realize he's a *censored*ing moron.
  10. The last cat of the three that i've had since I was a boy is ill. We're hoping its just a throat or respiratory infection we can kill with antibiotics, but considering she is very old for a cat (a very small cat no less, likely the runt of her litter) its possible it could do more damage than it normally would.
  11. I mean, I stand by that phrase I created. I just meant that it was awful back in the day and if they're gonna bring it back, gotta do it right; cuz I straight up stopped using CAF eventually because of how awful it all looked.
  12. Only with actual physics and not weird turns that would immediately snap the users spine in half, and then end while still at the apex and float down like a feather.
  13. corkscrew moonsault senton?
  14. I didn't get into the indie scene until after his time had passed but everything I see of the guy is awesome. A move I mentioned before and REALLY want, as I've become a huge fan of Takagi's, The Last Of The Dragon
  15. Quality is shit but the aformentioned 720 DDT.
  16. I will never stop asking for the Berkocet. Mad Scientist Bomb Unreal Impact Driver Assault Driver (similar, but not the same as the OWA) Graveyard Smash And I can't find a video of it at the moment but Okada's spinning tombstone.
  17. I'm honestly fine with getting either the flip over or pull back variation but I would love to get both, since one is more of a technical move and the other is more of a power move.
  18. Wingsnapper Coffin Drop Roshambo (mentioned this move as a description earllier, pleeeeease give us this one)
  19. For this who don't know what I mean by the cobra twist bomb in the OP, here's a video. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/DefenselessDigitalBluefish-mobile.mp4
  20. That move is sick, hell yeah.
  21. Just release the game relatively bug free, with some new features and improvements to the old, and fix the DLC model. Do that and the game will do fine; i just can't help but worry that corporate greed means they won't see such a simple solution to fixing the issue.
  22. Thing is that while you could make a lot of them using it, they very rarely looked any good. Its why I keep saying that if they bring CAF back, they need to do it properly and not like it was before.
  23. Almost less of a scoop slam and more of a standing michinoku driver. There's some finishers in AEW i'd love to see make it in. I can't remember the users name but one was a move I've wanted in for a long time, where they apply a double underhook and bring them up onto their shoulder, then flip em forward and sit down ending it in a facebuster. Or how about El Phantasmo's finisher, or Shingo Takagi's. Or a sit-out crucifix bomb that doesn't have some idiotic head shake in the pin. Shooting star headbutt, shooting star legdrop, shooting star stomp, shooting star senton, cannon ball leg drop, creeping death, Mutoh style shining wizard, tiger flowsion, pole shift, pole shift flowsion, diamondhead,, go flasher, black crush, Fenix's modified kinniku buster, a new package piledriver with a pin would be nice, Ryusuke Taguchi's Dodon The End, Paroxysm, a new headlock driver we can actually use as a finisher and doesn't look stupid, redo the os-cutter (preferably while making in-side springboards usable as finishers), 720 DDT, double team powerbomb lungblower.
  24. To be honest, if 2K22 is shit, i fully expect it to kill the series.
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