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  1. See, if we knew absolutely that the black stormtrooper was a part of the 501st, THEN I could kind of see why people would be mad, but really, its just a bunch of assholes bitching for the sake of bitching.
  2. Legit got chills and goosebumps when I saw the Falcon. Have you read any of the extended universe? They go out of their way to come up with stupid lightsaber variations in it. This is tame compared to that.
  3. I want Krillin to finally call Frieza out on using his kienzan.
  4. is Vegeta high or something in that first picture? The dude looks amazed that he has a fist.
  5. Good, I just hope they don't go the Battle Of Z route when it comes to boss battles. They were so incredibly cheap in that game, twas infuriating.
  6. I just hope the game isn't a disappointment and rage inducing bastard like Battle Of Z was.
  7. Best of both worlds I guess. I mean, I know GT is not considered canon, but hell, I also know it does have its fans. For all we know, they could do a multiverse story kind of like the DBZ Multiverse webcomic.
  8. Because a man would make a HUGE career move because of some random guy from FaceBook. Anyway, Stop, please! If I cringe any harder I'm gonna be permanently disfigured!
  9. Anyone on Jeff Hardy's facebook or twitter that begs him to "come back toWWE JEFF PLZ" on every single post.
  10. The closer we get to 2015, the more excited I get. Especially since it'll be available on steam.
  11. Clickers are fun because with the other enemies, sans bloaters, you can fight your way through if left with no other choice. You can't do that with the clickers and it forces you to think of alternative ways to get by them. I kinda wish the game used that to its advantage more, actually.
  12. There's definitely a frustration issue on higher difficulty, but it also makes you feel more... i guess desperate is a good word. fights feel more climactic as you desperately use your last ammo to try and hold off the zombies, and then with no other options you throw yourself fists first in to them in the hopes you can beat the last of em to death before they kill you, surviving on the skin of your teeth. It doesn't go to far, but it goes far enough, I guess is what you could say.
  13. Its even worse on hard mode. If you aren't lucky or packing enough ammo to murder an army, you'll get deeeestroyed.
  14. Oh man, Super DBZ sucked so goddamn much. As did Infinite World, now that I think about it. Tenkaichi 3 was the best. I hate myself for selling it, since the cheapest version i've been able to find is still around 80 damn dollars.
  15. The gameplay for Raging Blast 2 is really good, if a bit stale and repetitive, but the lack of a storymode means there's very little long play value in it unless you play online or with friends. So rent it, but don't buy it at this point. Raging Blast 1 would actually be the better choice as the gameplay is only a little bit below RB2 and it actually has a story mode.
  16. Okay, this game just keeps getting more hyped up for me.
  17. Actually I'd like to see Lord Slug in the game, though that could be because I just watched Lord Slug abridged again.
  18. There's a reason so many manga artists try to follow his example.
  19. To be fair, a lot of changes the man makes are due to requests from the fans. He honestly loves his fans and wants to keep them happy and appeased, in his own special way.
  20. Akira Toriyama has been known to go back on things he's said and done before. If its relevant to the story and its possible with multiple different hair types and models, I can see our created saiyan/earthlings being able to reach SSJ3, and perhaps, at least if relevant (again) to the story, Super Saiyan god. I feel like the series is abandoning SSJ4 for obvious reasons so don't expect to see that though.
  21. ... Who in the sam monkey loving hell wants to make Cui.
  22. To be fair, while you could consider Cell to be an android, he's not machine like the others, full on cellular and biological.
  23. I'm actually going to lean towards it being the earthlings that can go super saiyan. With them already having shown off a picture of the initial character they were promoting as a super saiyan, it just doesn't make sense for them not to mention Saiyan legitimately as a playable race separate from earthlings. Plus judging from what little we know of the story, they are going off the story, at least, for DB Online due to the inclusion of time patrol Trunks.
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