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  1. If you don't want to go with Saiyan Or Earthling, then I suggest going with Namekian the first time. Not as amazing stat-wise as the Buus, but they slowly recover which can be vital early-on.
  2. So I got the super spirit bomb and while it isn't devastating in terms of damage, it holds any enemy it hits in place for a good amount of time, giving you time to charge up, heal up, or even revive a KOd opponent as necessary. Does better with the right z-soul as well.
  3. The guys just naming themselves "so-and-so JR" really annoy me. Use some creativity for christs sake.
  4. I think i'm experiencing a bug, the last couple of ki moves I got aren't showing up in my move list.
  5. Exactly, and it makes me feel somewhat cheated. MEPB is useful for early game weak characters, but it can't even match the damage of my Giant Storm, let alone other destroyers. I heard the Super Spirit Bomb in the DLC is really strong, can't wait to get it tomorrow.
  6. I can't help but feel annoyed that it seems the ultimate attacks gotten by wishing on the dragon balls seem far weaker and harder to hit than most ultimates gained otherwise.
  7. I've had it for ages but it confuses me. The blast looks extremely short range but at times i've seen it hit farther than that. I'm not entirely sure whether its a short range, medium range, or long range attack. If it's short range, the start-up for me simply takes to long.
  8. I posted a strategy a page or two (i think) back on an easy way to beat it.
  9. Nope. Damn, well hopefully one of the future ones does increase it. I feel like level 80 is just... incomplete.
  10. Did the GT Pack 1 raise the level cap at all? There was a rumor going around about that, since higher levels are hardcoded in to the game.
  11. I got the four star ball in the mail, randomly.
  12. Well the PS4 servers are working fine now, and the game is gorgeous on it.
  13. Even if you fight him, Broly is easy to beat. his AI is often very broken, causing him to just sit there, take hits, and side step occasionally if he has more than one enemy to face.
  14. After you finish your first character and unlock all PQs, Great Ape Festival is a GREAT way to level up new characters quickly.
  15. That much was also probably decently high on the Muta scale. Spud sliding off EC3s chest, leaving a trail of blood was really good story telling I'd say.
  16. Honestly, TNA has been surprisingly pretty damn good lately.
  17. Really? When Matt started gaining weight, people called him "Fatt Lardy" all the time, even here. And it was annoying as hell too.
  18. Which reminds me, I usually have a shitload of cash so if anyone wants me to send some extra healing items or something, I'd be happy too. I've been grinding out 2 dragon balls a day now. One specific mission is pretty easy to grind for them and they seem to have a cooldown between characters before one can get another one.
  19. It really does blow my mind how dumb the ally AI is compared to the opponent AI.
  20. Looks cool, but then, a transformation in the series needs awesome ass-kicking validation so we'll see how well it turned out when the movie releases.
  21. Relevant. Saw this happen last night, then got bored and decided to do something stupid with it.
  22. I have to stop playing the game right now or I'm gonna put my goddamn fist through the *censored*ing tv. RNG on item drops themselves I can at least tolerate, but RNG on the *censored*ing events you need to get the item drops in the first place?! Especially for later freaking missions with bullshit time limits in which it's already enough of a pain to complete in the right amount of time!? There is absolutely no way Dimps can't at least friggin consider patching that. That is ridiculous fake longevity.
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