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  1. At first it was just graphical bugs, easy to ignore. But the more I played, the more intense the bugs got. Required enemy to kill got stuck beneath an elevator and started teleworking around Gun refused to fire if aimed down the sights Crash Health got stuck at 0.0 Nevermind the framerate dropping to near single digits in particularly intense gunfights, the textures, people walking through closed doors, a quest character I need to speak to doesn't seem to exist, etc. aaaand now I appear to be stuck in a crash loop.
  2. Woo boy, I hate to say it but this should've been delayed some more. Performance and glitches on last gen are unacceptably bad.
  3. Amazons really pissing me off. I might just buy digital and give the physical to a friend for Christmas if it doesn't arrive on time.
  4. Put this together for a PPV name while I was making dinner, figured it worked with a lot of the more colourful CAWs i've been making lately (which I haven't shown on here as of yet because.. well, motivation).
  5. Hey did they ever fix Hyperdrive 1? I'm thinking of using it as a sig for a caw i'm working on but I don't feel like having my game lock up because they still haven't bothered to fix it.
  6. For anyone who might be interested, the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven bundle is on sale on the PS Store for like 12 bucks canadian right now.
  7. I'm going to vehemently disagree with the idea that you can do more with the silly stylized graphics, and I absolutely disagree with the notion that realistic models are somehow only a WWE thing. Not only could I see that severely limiting the creativity of CAW makers, but it could date the games graphics so much harder and quite frankly I think if you want to compete with 2K, being different just for the sake of being different is a dangerous path to tread.
  8. Why the actual *Censored*.. it was usable as a sig in 2K19 for christs sake!
  9. Maybe but I was checking there and if it is, as Mani said, its definitely been renamed. I was trying to give it to a new caw as a sig and its just.. not there, it seems. not as pop-up hurricanrana anyway.
  10. So I just realized that the pop-up hurricanrana that was added just last game seems to have been removed. ... whhhhyyyy?!
  11. Add-on to my previous post. So since my brother is injured and can't clean, my dear mother called me up and offered me some cash if I go clean up for him. Offered me 100 dollars. It ain't, *censored*in, enough. Jesus christ its like a bomb went off in here.
  12. Or maybe some decent singleplayer DLC? No? Okay..
  13. One of my aunt's customers decided to go to her for a haircut despite having covid and only told her after. Dumb stupid mother*censored*ing selfish *suckers.. To compound that, my brother was rushed to the hospital last night with a collapsed lung.
  14. Yes, using too many CAWs makes the game incredibly crash-happy. You can mitigate it slightly by disabling entrances though for beyond about 5 caws. It won't fix the issue completely but it will crash less. It's an enormous pain in the ass for people like myself who focus solely on CAWs in these games, on top of all the other issues with it.
  15. Sooo... has anyone noticed that the AI is broken on the outside and nine times out of ten can't actually throw opponents back into the ring? I've seen it get tons of ring count outs because it insists on throwing opponents diagonally or into the corners/ring steps.
  16. There's only one person on this forum that can answer that question and he doesn't tend to post until the next game releases.
  17. The other two were Corey Ledesma and that absolutely *censored*ing moron Aubrey Sitterson, the dumbass who claimed people reporting the pin count bug were just "playing the game wrong".
  18. I'm of two minds about Williams. The guy very clearly always had a passion which I appreciate, however he also actively took part in THQs overhyping and lying. I will never forget the time when, during a hype event for SvR 2011, an interviewer pointed out the strange lack of moves and inaccurate movements which he responded by saying, paraphrased because its been years, "oh that's just because not all the animations from 2010 have been converted to the predator tech, don't worry they'll be in the final product". Lo and behold, something like 400 animations total were just gone from the final game, never to return. I also have had questions regarding his eye for quality in terms of move animations in the past. There seemed to be times where he wasn't willing to say "nah that didn't look great, can we try again?". But all that is just the cynic in me, hopefully he's a valuable asset to the project.
  19. BrandonX

    WWE Drama

    As if I needed another reason to dislike Nia Jax. And of course, anti-vaxxers are *censored*ing idiots.
  20. Still not all that impressed with the game personally, and if I have to hear the word "fam" one more time i'm going to hunt whoever originated the slang and brand it into their throat.
  21. Well, that hospital visit didn't turn anything conclusive up and the pain is so severe when I try to stand up, i've been likening it to having surgery again and then standing up way too soon. Most they could find while I visited the hospital was that in my foot, generally around where the huge amount of pain is, a specific bone has been worn very thing over the years by my constant surgeries and overall issues with my legs, and they theorize but can't confirm that its the cause of the pain. If so, and if the pain doesn't go away, it could require surgical intervention. They suggested I give it a couple more days, trying different pain killers (advil has absolutely no effect on the pain) to see if one of them helps, and if the pain doesn't eventually go away, contact my personal doctor and set up a meeting with an orthodontist to examine the issue closer and discuss surgical intervention. I may in that time need to invest in a pair of crutches because I can't even get to the washroom five steps from my room without being in utter agony. So, in essence, i've got a phantom nightmarish pain in my foot, that could be caused by previous pains in my foot, that could require surgery if it doesn't stop after being told there was no more surgery they could do for my other pains. *censored*in hell, just chop the *censored*ers off and make me a cyborg already.
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