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  1. 2K15 isn't a fair comparison, that was made immediately after the switch from THQ to 2K (yes, WWE 2K14 carried the 2K name and branding but was still more or less a THQ made game), the engine was being rebuilt and direction changed; and the upgrade from PS3/Xbox 360 to PS4/Xbox One was in my opinion quite a bit more drastic than it is here. What's more, we must remember that 2K15 received a boatload of criticism for those missing features, I doubt they want to repeat that mistake after how much of a disaster 2K20 was. As well, they've had an entire extra year to work on it; even if doing so from home that should still have counted for something.
  2. I ain't paying money to watch wrestlemania this year so i'll have to get the details after from either social media or you guys. I'm mostly expecting it to be announced for next gen consoles as well as current gen, and maybe a release date window. Doubt they'd show any actual gameplay.
  3. Playstation 5 obtained, beware O world.
  4. I think I know what you're talking about and I doubt there's anyone insane enough to mocap that, lol.
  5. I can't find a video of it at the moment but back in TNA, Ron Killings (R-Truth) used to on rare occasion use a diving version of his corkscrew axe kick. I would love to get that move in since a famouser just isn't the same. EDIT: Found one.
  6. Not a done deal just yet but I'm pretty sure i've finally managed to secure a Playstation 5. Edit: if all goes well i'll have it by tomorrow evening.
  7. Well i'm not a fan of the new world title but I must say, that NJPW Strong openweight title looks gorgeous to me.
  8. Yes, but I can only judge what I see. I hope it turns out better, i'm just saying this isn't the best first impression to me personally.
  9. That... severely underwhelmed me. Those animations are not great and the lighting seems.. off.
  10. Go to the calender, select the show, and go into the match tables.
  11. Wish I were that lucky, I'm starting to think i'm cursed to find all bugs in existence on a consistent basis. Hell, I might be some kind of metaphysical rip in time and space that created new bugs just from my mere existence.
  12. I would not balk at a small delay if it means they get even more work on it done.. and less of an excuse if it turns out bad.
  13. My new wireless bluetooth headphones just arrived, and it turns out they have a multi-pair feature I didn't know about so I don't have to choose between listening to my laptop or my television anymore. Nice little surprise.
  14. As some of you who follow my CAWs thread may know, i'm planning to reboot my wrestling universe when the new game comes out, as such i've been working on new designs for the new universe and thought i'd show off the three new championships I have so far. Pro Wrestling Reborn World Championship Pro Wrestling Reborn Intercontinental Championship Pro Wrestling Reborn No Limits Championship Regarding a womans championship, I'm likely going to use one of my old existing designs and modify it some, as I'm quite happy with the womens championships I've made in the past. The No Limits Championship is similar to Impact Wrestlings X-Division championship, in that it can be competed for at any size but cannot be competed for in a simple one on one normals match. It has to be a match type other than normal. EDIT: aaaand I just realized I made a spelling error on the IC title. God *censored*ing damn this goddamn keyboard..
  15. Highlight reel replaces custom belts with the default WWE championship. Jesus *censored*ing Christ 2K..
  16. There is a massive difference between running better and running without bugs. Of course it runs better, they're more powerful machines. Naturally the framerate is going to be steady and higher, and the loading times shortened, but that does not mean using the game on a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X is going to magically fix all the bugs and bad design choices.
  17. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    What a cesspit..
  18. And new CAW, joining the reboots brand new No Limits division, Rashad Ortega. Finisher is the Orteganizer (Emerald Flowsion), and Godzilla Threshold (Tour Of The Islands)
  19. Aidric Creeds new design after the reboot, I still want to make some minor tweaks (like changing the lettering on the logo on the left leg) and I can't for the life of me figure out a song I want to use as his theme song, but I basically combined the look of his brother David with my old Jason Bishop CAW.
  20. I'm still really frustrated that an entire category of moves don't work after patches in 2K20 (running springboard to a downed opponent, the game always detects it as you trying to do a running normal attack to a down opponent).
  21. So what i'm getting from this is that you create the logos at much larger (and less uniform, such as the visor logo being 1200 x 650 instead of both length and width being the same) and then upload them to the uploader using its default 512 x 512 option, do I have that correct? If so, read on. The issue is that when you upload the large picture to the uploader and it converts it to the size needed for the game, it will stretch and warp it due to the different sizes, and compress it (and the uploaders compression is absolute dogshit), then you are bringing it back into the game after its been compressed to a smaller size and trying to stretch it back out which means that the heavily compressed converted picture that has been resized so its smaller is now being stretched out when it no longer has the quality of the original image, thus the blurring. It does not help that you are likely using the alternate logo placement method in-game which contours weird as hell with every little crease and shape. This is why in general, even if I make a logo that is going to be bigger than the end result, I still try to keep it uniform and the same size both length and width (IE I might make a logo larger than 512 x 512 but it'll instead be 1024 x 1024 because there'll be less warping and compression shenanigans when uploading).
  22. Made this generic logo for a bandana for Brandon Cross's alternate attire but since the uploader just simply won't work for me today for some *censored*ing reason, I figure I might as well just post it here. Its generic so anyone can use it.
  23. Well.. shit. What the hecks going on on my end then. All other sites are working but the uploader doesn't wanna run.
  24. I.... I mean.. you can boot it up and run it? As far as I know its just as much a buggy mess as it is on console. I can't speak as to its optimization but at least its got access to mods.
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