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  1. I'm of two minds about Williams. The guy very clearly always had a passion which I appreciate, however he also actively took part in THQs overhyping and lying.

    I will never forget the time when, during a hype event for SvR 2011, an interviewer pointed out the strange lack of moves and inaccurate movements which he responded by saying, paraphrased because its been years, "oh that's just because not all the animations from 2010 have been converted to the predator tech, don't worry they'll be in the final product". Lo and behold, something like 400 animations total were just gone from the final game, never to return.

    I also have had questions regarding his eye for quality in terms of move animations in the past. There seemed to be times where he wasn't willing to say "nah that didn't look great, can we try again?".

    But all that is just the cynic in me, hopefully he's a valuable asset to the project.

  2. Well, that hospital visit didn't turn anything conclusive up and the pain is so severe when I try to stand up, i've been likening it to having surgery again and then standing up way too soon.

    Most they could find while I visited the hospital was that in my foot, generally around where the huge amount of pain is, a specific bone has been worn very thing over the years by my constant surgeries and overall issues with my legs, and they theorize but can't confirm that its the cause of the pain. If so, and if the pain doesn't go away, it could require surgical intervention.

    They suggested I give it a couple more days, trying different pain killers (advil has absolutely no effect on the pain) to see if one of them helps, and if the pain doesn't eventually go away, contact my personal doctor and set up a meeting with an orthodontist to examine the issue closer and discuss surgical intervention. I may in that time need to invest in a pair of crutches because I can't even get to the washroom five steps from my room without being in utter agony.

    So, in essence, i've got a phantom nightmarish pain in my foot, that could be caused by previous pains in my foot, that could require surgery if it doesn't stop after being told there was no more surgery they could do for my other pains. *censored*in hell, just chop the *censored*ers off and make me a cyborg already.

  3. 10 hours ago, -BoD- said:

    Regarding Chris Jericho and his political stance, if y'all liked him and thought he was the GOAT before you started disagreeing with his views, then you are all petty as *Censored* and a prime example of what is wrong with this world. I disagree with the man as well, but I am also an adult that can seperate a persons personal views from their career and accomplishments.

    News flash, folks, Jericho has always been this way, put your big boy/girl pants on and quit complaining because somebody thinks differently than you.

    Drop the aggressive bullshit man, its not necessary here.

  4. 4 hours ago, Kombatant said:

    If this is for a console game, it'll be fun to see this thread or AEW game section active with discussions, speculation, wishlists, leaks  and news updates since the wwe2k section is usually pretty dead and will be until about at least mid 2021

    In certainly hoping to see a game i actually want and want to discuss, that's for sure. Could not care less about Battlegrounds and Undefeated, and apparently The Wrestling Code is still in pre-production.

  5. On 11/9/2020 at 1:15 AM, Counting Lights said:

    My grandparents both got hit with Covid this week. They've been going in waves of doing well and doing terrible, and I'm genuinely scared for them.

    If that wasn't enough, an actor I worked with last summer was found dead in his hotel bedroom this morning. I only spent 4 days with him, but he had the kind of personality that made it feel like we'd known one another for 4 years. 

    F 2020...

    I sincerely hope for the best for your grandparents.


    Something is wrong with my right leg. I don't know what. I noticed while making dinner last night a slight twinge in it and now its grown so painful, especially in the arc of my foot, that I can't stand up.


    Edit: pain got so bad im currently sitting in a hospital bed awaiting an x-ray.

  6. I try to stay out of this topic as much as I can since i'm not an American (or united statesian or whatever the *Censored*), but considering how many friends (and that includes a significent other) I have in the states, this election has been weighing heavily on my mind despite me not being from the US.

    Trump is a narcissist, a horrific little disgusting piece of overflowing residue from a a sewage plant that has somehow managed to become sentient and grow a ridiculously large ego around itself. Its unfortunate that he has somehow, despite being one of the least charismatic people i've ever seen in my life, built a ridiculous cult of personality around himself to the point where he actively has spent four years bending your entire country over and ramming it from behind dry, and nearly half of your population still wants more of him. I can't claim to understand it, I cannot wrap my head around it, and I certainly don't enjoy seeing it.

    I know general consensus at the moment seems to be that Biden is going to win, but I won't be unclenching my jaw until the announcement is formally made. Even then, I don't really see Joe as the cure all to the USs problems, but he is at least the bandage to stop the bleeding while a better path of treatment can be made.

    I'm rooting for you guys, i'm rooting for sanity to prevail, i'm rooting for common sense to win the day, and i'm rooting to see that orange shitstain tossed out like he's on the set of Fresh Prince.

  7. 3 hours ago, Motown Saint said:

    It would be nice. I'm just wondering how they would implement it.

    Don't see why it would be difficult. run towards the ropes and hit the finisher button (if you miss, oh well, thats the risk we take with running moves anyway).

    Charging finishers can have the opponent get up facing the most appropriate side for their position and then have the player run to the ropes for it.

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