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  1. 1 hour ago, A N T I - said:

    I agree that the authenticity of most wrestlers took a downward turn when they removed things like individual stances. Was that a 2K decision? Because man, it seems like things have been going downhill ever since they took the reins. 2K19 was the one beacon of shining light and then we got 2K20 lol The fact that they went all in on Originals and thought it was genuinely a great idea is super worrying.

    individual stances went bye-bye loooong before 2K took over.

  2. 17 hours ago, maskedmaniac said:

    A lot needs to change for me to purchase the next game, regardless of what theme it has or what the roster looks like. The in-ring camera angles and TV-style presentation are awful to be honest and take away from the enjoyment of playing the game. As I already said lighting is ugly during matches and wrestlers move terribly sluggish. Hit detection is bad. CAW mode also needs a re-vamp, it seems dated now and it can be done better, just about any other sports game like UFC or various RPG's have the ability to create better looking characters with far more realistic hair styles and facial features. Models in WW2K games look shiny like plastic, not like actual human skin should look.

    I think this is a bit silly. Yes games like Ea UFC have better looking models for caws but it comes at the expense of how in depth you can make them. Pretty as the ocean, shallow as a puddle.

  3. This is very likely to be the last CAW I make publically for 2K20, as 2K22 is coming soon and i'm utterly tired of the issues with 2K20.

    The Amsterdam Superman Casper Koning, comes with a face Hero attire and an Anti-Hero heel/tweener attire with the tagline NO Hero NO More. NO points for guessing who he's based off of. I may give him some tattoos in the future if I kind think of some I think suit him.


  4. 16 minutes ago, The Nerd said:

    My guy! That’s why I asked you, you’re always extremely honest and knowledgeable about the process. I agree with this. Ok so gotta deprogram myself from thinking current engine equals automatic bad game. Want to brush up on gaming knowledge as far as how these things happen and how coding and etc works. 2K19 was definitely a great game IMO. Even with its bugs, there were less crashes, better physics and more enjoyable overall. That’s why I believe with the extra time they could’ve just built upon 2K19 while adding in meaningful matches that work and operate correctly. I’m optimistic.

    Glad I could help

  5. 39 minutes ago, maskedmaniac said:

    True. It's gameplay that is the issue, but I do feel like the whole current engine, if that is what it's called, needs an overhaul. The lighting is terrible, the physics are bad, walking and movement of the wrestler models also adds to the lack of enjoyment.

    Lighting is usually dependent on the lighting engine, which is not the same as the game engine. Not always, but I believe that is the case with the WWE games. Walking and movement are an animation and control issue, engine doesn't need to be changed to fix that. Physics.. I can't say i'm one hundred percent on that one. They could be a game engine issue assuming you mean hit detection but those might be fixable without having to build something new.

    Don't get me wrong guys, if 2K were to suddenly announce they had a team working on a new engine to replace the aging old one, I would be excited, because they could build it to natively support a lot of features and issues they've had to work around; but its dangerous to get into thinking that the engine is the be all and end all of the whole shabang.

  6. 16 minutes ago, Exorcism said:

    I’d love to see create a finisher and I’m sure they can do much better with modern tech. I mean, Fire Pro has a move creator of sorts. Maybe 2k can emulate that mode and perfect it. I’d really like to see create a move more specifically that can be used as signatures and finishers and can create submissions, etc.

    Ehh, I think the comparison between Fire Pro and WWE is important there. Fire Pro has a good move creator, but all its moves are entirely sprite based. There's no fluidity or jank you need to worry about there, in comparison to flowing mocap.

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