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  1. I'm not necessarily against this, although I'm not going to run around raving about how its the end of WWE either. 

    Its important to remember that this doesn't suddenly make AEW a TNA-like, since part of TNAs problem in the old days was not only signing every WWE guy they could but then using them in the most nonsensical asinine ways possible. I certainly don't see Paul Wight being immediately given a title shot although who knows, maybe they already have, I can't exactly watch the show.

    More importantly Big Show could make a great agent and advice guy, and admittedly I don't have a problem with AEW adding a few more big guys to their roster.

  2. Its funny. Back in the day THQ went way overboard with their marketing and constantly oversold their games because of it, whereas 2K tends to take an infuriating minimalesque route on marketing the game.

    This year, i'd like them to try and find a good middle gorund. 2K20 was such a bloody disaster, they need to market this well and focus that marketing on the improvements they've made (and they need to give assurances that its not going to be a bug riddled hellscape).

  3. 51 minutes ago, Mani-Man said:

    Wow, those are really cool logos.
    Personally i would go maybe with a yellow version, that would be brighter and be a good contrast to the Dark background etc.

    But the basic Logo is super awesome.
    And the name rings great too, which i realized is hard to get because im working on creating my own caw universe too and cant for the love of me find a good name for it.XD

    You're free to use my pro wrestling beyond logo if you like. No point in it going to waste so if you like it you can use it.

  4. Or perhaps some combination, like a friend of mine just suggested, such as this.


    I'm personally leaning towards this one myself so far, as I think the red and green compliment eachother and my friend made up some bullshit about how the R represents a scar left over by 2K20 while the green represents new life because apparently I live at 182 symbolism avenue.

  5. I'm wondering if you guys might be able to help me. I have been thinking about it and if WWE 2K22 is enough of an improvement I am considering rebooting my wrestling universe with some changes to the wrestlers and a new company name. I've already decided on the name, but I can't decide which colour scheme for the logo. You guys, tell me which of these three you think looks best.




    I also kind of feel like I need to put something in the top right corner of the box, but i'm not sure what yet.

  6. 4 hours ago, TrisetMaster908 said:

    I'll definitely take a HD Skyward Sword, I actually enjoyed that game. Hell I bought a dang Wii just so I could play that game, I also bought a Wii U to play BOTW. I would love a regular switch so I could use the joycons to swing the sword like Wii but they made it playable on the Lite so thats ok. Saw someone say Arin Hansen left the stream as a joke because he doesn't really like SS. I almost 100% the game, I just couldn't get THAT DANG PUMPKIN MINIGAME WHERE YOU USE YOUR ARROWS TO SHOOT THEM. I played that MG so many freaking times I just gave up lol

    TBH I have no clue how people still like Arin Hanson but it is what it is I guess.

  7. Anyone else notice that sometimes even when the uploader works, it tends to put these white artifacts on the edge of logos even when said logos never had them before uploading? For instance, the following picture. On my computer, the logo is one single colour, that white shit around the C and the cross are not there, yet in game they randomly show up and this is far from the only logo i've seen this happen to. It may not seem a big deal but IMO it really hurts the logo and look. This isn't a WWE 2K20 exclusive issue either, this shit happened in 2K19 and 2K18 as well.


  8. I really hope Covid didn't hurt 2K22s development too much, there is so much riding on this one. As a fan of non-2D sim, I hope they don't blow it. I'm just worried because I'm fairly certain at least partially the problem with 2K22 was bringing in a bunch of new blood devs, and working from home cannot have made things easier for them. 

  9. Well I think I finally figured out why i've been dealing with horrible insomnia, tiredness, fatigue and inability to concentrate for the last half a month. Turns out the prescribed medicine I take for my chronic heartburn causes a B12 deficiency if taken consistently. The final straw to figuring this out today was when I suddenly felt exausted and sleepy after only being awake for three hours, turned around to lie down and just.. collapsed on my bed.

    I've got some supplements now, we'll see in a day or two if they do the trick.

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