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  1. Insert nuclear bomb joke here
  2. Has anyone here who has a PS5 had a problem where the touchpad on the controller just starts triggering on its own? I had to pull out the second controller i still had in its box because the other one randomly just started bringing up the menu in Days Gone.
  3. individual stances went bye-bye loooong before 2K took over.
  4. I don't really care about the roster. I don't watch WWE and I don't play as the in-game wrestlers very often anyway, what matters to me is the gameplay, how buggy it is, and the moves. Give, me, moooooves.
  5. Its not exactly a secret that he tends to have his voice in McMahons ear.
  6. Don't forget a PROPER Joe vs KENTA.
  7. Still, God *censored*ing damn you Johnny Ace.
  8. I'm still surprised they got rid of Kalisto over the other two though, assuming they're not next on the chopping block.
  9. I could, and I probably will at some point. *Censored* this company.
  10. I almost want Ricochet to get released just so he can go somewhere that actually respects his talents.
  11. I'd love to see the successor to Mitsuharu Misawa laying waste in NJPW.
  12. I *censored*in knew it. I knew bringing that piece of shit back was going to be disastrous.
  13. And yet Velveteen still has a job too. Seriously. *Censored* the WWE.
  14. How tf they gonna fire Samoa goddamn Joe and keep Ryker?
  15. I don't *censored*in understand this company. Like legit, they cannot go a friggin day without shooting themselves in the foot.
  16. They released JOE?! JUST WHAT the *Censored* are these idiots thinking?!
  17. I think this is a bit silly. Yes games like Ea UFC have better looking models for caws but it comes at the expense of how in depth you can make them. Pretty as the ocean, shallow as a puddle.
  18. This is very likely to be the last CAW I make publically for 2K20, as 2K22 is coming soon and i'm utterly tired of the issues with 2K20. The Amsterdam Superman Casper Koning, comes with a face Hero attire and an Anti-Hero heel/tweener attire with the tagline NO Hero NO More. NO points for guessing who he's based off of. I may give him some tattoos in the future if I kind think of some I think suit him.
  19. I mean even if it is last gen only itll still run on the ps5, and if 2K uses a bit of forethought it'd still run better on it.
  20. Well here's a goddamn new one, a caw I created just straight up doesn't appear in the list for create an entrance and create a victory.
  21. Lighting is usually dependent on the lighting engine, which is not the same as the game engine. Not always, but I believe that is the case with the WWE games. Walking and movement are an animation and control issue, engine doesn't need to be changed to fix that. Physics.. I can't say i'm one hundred percent on that one. They could be a game engine issue assuming you mean hit detection but those might be fixable without having to build something new. Don't get me wrong guys, if 2K were to suddenly announce they had a team working on a new engine to replace the aging old one, I would be excited, because they could build it to natively support a lot of features and issues they've had to work around; but its dangerous to get into thinking that the engine is the be all and end all of the whole shabang.
  22. GUYS, a new engine is not the answer to all your problems. Please stop bringing it up if you don't actually understand what it is you're asking for and talking about. Engine is not synonymous with gameplay.
  23. Ehh, I think the comparison between Fire Pro and WWE is important there. Fire Pro has a good move creator, but all its moves are entirely sprite based. There's no fluidity or jank you need to worry about there, in comparison to flowing mocap.
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