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    The Most Quotable Man Alive
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    Kenny Omega
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    I enjoy disturbed, killswitch, FFDP, and various other bands.
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    Currently unemployed due to issues of health regarding birth defects and being in a small shitty town with nothing but heavy labour.
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    Pizza, hamburger helper, the souls of the innocent
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    Canadian with a garlic lineage
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    The Witcher
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    Me, myself, moi.
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    the top of the food chain
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    wrestling, pepsi, video games, art, and breathing.

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  1. Brandon X as he is currently in my game is sporting two attires, his black and white with red hair attire that I created this year (you can find pictures on my thread of course), and an inverted version with a "Bulletproof" tag line and nickname, which has pictures on the last page. Not sure how long ago you got the one you're using but if you want to upgrade his attires, let me know and i'll upload the current version and send you his logos that end up not working via PM if necessary. God any time I try to do anything with this game though it just leaves me frustrated.
  2. BrandonX

    WWE Drama

    I could accept that 5 or 6 years ago but at this point I'd say that cat is thoroughly out of the bag in terms of what tends to happen to the majority of indy guys that sign with them. I dunno, just seems like the majority of pro wrestling has completely lost the ability to think in the long term.
  3. BrandonX

    WWE Drama

    Why these guys keep signing with WWE when the vast majority of the time it always ends the same way, i'll never know. Sure you get a nice pay rise in the short term, but chances are you end up with your credibility shot to shit and then eventually released, or held on to and not used for ridiculous amounts of time.
  4. Lethal+ is no joke, even duels against the scrub generals are rough.
  5. Christ, there's a line down *censored*ing everything in this broken ass game. Championships, CAW models, arenas, my patience, etc.
  6. Not really doing proper active work on 2K20 but I prepared some stuff for 2K21 or Wrestling Code (whichever comes first..). Decided to give LIMITLESS Pro Wrestling a subsidiary the same way GRPW has Project Wrestling and WWE has NXT.
  7. Still not touching the game much but was fiddling around with tweener gimmicks just a bit last night while waiting on a couple things. Thoughts?
  8. While I was utterly ecstatic when we got it, I think the butterfly piledriver could look better (and could use a pin combo). The Oscutter desperately needs a new animation badly as well, whoever Mocapped the one receiving the move botched it really badly. More generally, the vast majority of moves in 2K20 are ridiculously slowed down for some reason, or sped up to comical levels (Trent Sevens burning hammer for instance) and I'm hoping those all get fixed.
  9. Helps me as well since some asshole keeps stealing and reuploading my logos whenever I put them up. I swear this friggin fanbase..
  10. Okay now that is something I can get a bit hyped for, Raven is one of my favourites.
  11. I'm hoping users who already own it on ps4 will just get the upgrade, I really do not want to pay twice for the game just to be current.
  12. I might consider it when I next boot up, although I don't know when I will as trying to play 2k20 is stressful and I'm already dealing with a metric *Censored* ton of stress as it is with recent personal events. That said regarding the invisible logos, if you give me a list of the guys you're using that are missing them i can just PM you the logos from my folders and you can upload them at your leisure to replace the invisible ones with, as I said since I don't know when I'll next touch 2K20 since every time I eventually end up turning the game off pissed off.
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