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    Currently unemployed due to issues of health regarding birth defects and being in a small shitty town with nothing but heavy labour.
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  1. Went back and revamped an old CAW a bit, combined him with another oldy and changed his name a bit. Aiden Wolf.
  2. Nope, happens with every arena that i've tried; and my frame rate doesn't dip, although I would not be surprised if it was the anti-aliasing breaking again. Lighting for that arena is default too save for a bit of fog (and this issue has been showing up in arenas that don't use fog as well). As I said, that weird white outline on the wrestlers (and the ref) only appears if the mat is dark, if its light it doesn't show.
  3. Has anyone noticed an odd white outline around wrestlers when wrestling on a dark ring mat?
  4. Apparently Rowan's entrance animations when previews in advanced create an entrance just throws the game into an infinite loading loop. Jesus H *censored*ing Christ there is truly no *censored*ing excuse..
  5. I sincerely hope this game allows us to just upload logos via USB; i do not ever want a repeat of WWE 2K20s broken-ass frustrating as hell uploader.
  6. The Following, maybe? Church Of Rollins? The Way?
  7. Platinum'd Ghost Of Tsushima last night.
  8. I... wouldn't go that far. Yukes made their fair share of their own mistakes, and its no secret i'm not a fan of the TNA game and think it had a ton of problems.
  9. Gold plate, which looks fine in create a belt then does that outside of it. Looks even worse in-game, where that entire side folds over itself its trying to escape 2020. I eventually deleted the gold plate completely and put it on the strap directly to fix it. doesn't look as nice but at least it *censored*in works.
  10. Oh for Christs sake 2K..
  11. I'm not happy with Ubisoft in general right now (to the point I'm personally boycotting them for the foreseeable future), but releasing Valhalla the same week as Cyberpunk seems like such an idiotic move it's practically like shoving the barrel of a gun in your own mouth and daring someone else to pull the trigger.
  12. I'm at something of an impass, on the one hand I like how the tights material turned out overall for him, but on the other it makes the logos on his tights look absolutely god-awful in match because of that stupid shimmer around the edges that materials create and 2K for some *censored*ing reason just refuses to fix despite it being an issue for years. I can change the material to default to get rid of it but then I find the material of the tights doesn't look as good, and I can't layer an invisible logo over the logos to change the custom logos material because for some stupid goddamn reason even at 0 percent opacity it still makes the folds in the tights noticably disappear which is still immersion breaking. *censored*s sake 2K. Just... *censored*s sake.
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