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    The Most Quotable Man Alive
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    Kenny Omega
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    I enjoy disturbed, killswitch, FFDP, and various other bands.
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    Currently unemployed due to issues of health regarding birth defects and being in a small shitty town with nothing but heavy labour.
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    PS4, X1, Switch, 360, PS3, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, DS, PC.
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    Pizza, hamburger helper, the souls of the innocent
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    Canadian with a garlic lineage
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    The Witcher
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    Me, myself, moi.
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    the top of the food chain
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    wrestling, pepsi, video games, art, and breathing.

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  1. Ahhh... it's better but still not what I'd call consistently playable.
  2. If anything on earth will get the game delayed or cancelled itll be this virus. Though considering the rampant greed of publishers and WWE I'm not entirely certain even this'll get it delayed.
  3. Working on Isaac Croft just for the hell of it. At the moment I'm struggling making the shirt i'm giving him look halfway decent thanks to 2Ks weird refusal to just let us change material on custom logos and this stupid *censored*ing line down the back of every clothing item if you put a logo over it. (Why yes I did take the skull off google, and why yes, it is because i'm unbelievably lazy. Why do ya ask?) In other news, the more I use the new kneeling double underhook facebuster on Johnny Graves, the more i'm tempted to give it to Brandon X instead and give Graves the double underhook brainbuster.
  4. You're not providing near enough information for anyone to figure that out my friend.
  5. R3make demo is great, Nemesis is a *censored*in badass.
  6. Thats a weird one, haven't seen that one. You're holding R2/RT and X/A, ya?
  7. New bug since the last patch, now if you go for a strong grapple after picking your opponent up off the ground, it'll initiate your submission instead even if thats not what you used.
  8. Game crashes on me in CAA, and I lose a half hour of work. *Censored* off 2K.
  9. Thanks to Tom Rice for resetting my page so I didn't lose the stuff. That said I'm not editing it any more for now so anything new I have will just get posted as a normal post here instead of editing the first page.
  10. No problem! I'm happy to have helped.
  11. Try clicking on the blue star/circle by the topic. it'll take you to the first post you haven't read yet.
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