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  1. Did a quick video of Shane Jakobs vs The Death Engine Sean Galliard, which is uploading right now. To be quite honest i'm not entirely happy with how Jakobs turned out, and thats mostly because of that goddamn low logo limit in 2K20. I had to drop more than half his tattoos, and since I had to switch his facepaint over to face tattoo, it obviously won't come off during a match. *censored*ing 2K20 I swear to Christ.. Anyway, will post the link to the video here once its uploaded. Features both CAWs theme songs.
  2. Anyone else got an issue of face paint not showing up on caws during entrances? Edit: or at all? for *censored*s sake 2K.. OH! and you guys know that awesome looking middle rope cutter from 2K19? Well, they *censored*ed that up too! the pin animation glitches out now. Because we can't have anything nice.
  3. You guys have absolutely no idea how much of an absolute *censored*ing pain this one was to make. I may end up having to change the jacket too because for some stupid ass reason if you look closely when looking at the caw in game, the jacket has cut out parts of his abdomen. Because 2K. Introducing The Necromancer, Shane Jakobs.
  4. Managed to get my PS4 working again (for the second time). Its only a matter of time before it dies again so I'm currently transfering every save file that I can't (or wouldn't enjoy) recreate easy to a USB stick. I'm dead certain its the power supply but once this transfer finishes it won't matter. I'll get hate for it but I kinda hope the PS5 uses an external power brick. Sure its more weighty but its easier to replace.
  5. I definitely missed sigs.
  6. The big thing for me is that I need the create modes to be just as good. I mean hell, I'm hoping they go even more in depth than the 2K games. That's the big one to beat if they wanna take the crown.
  7. These look great. I'm hoping sometime before 2021 they'll give us a general idea of when it'll release. Not needing an exact day yet, but just an idea of how we'll be waiting on this.
  8. ... dude. I got no problem with you, but this is a bad take from you here man. They got every right to be rude as *Censored* there.
  9. Well. Gonna be interested to see where this goes after recent events.
  10. Ps4 is *censored*ed again, and this time the method I used to fix it isnt working.
  11. Man, inquisitor Cal is tough as nails. I only got him to half health before he one shotted me.
  12. Spent the last 2 hours trying to get a single old CAW made, because every bug under the *censored*ing sun is trying to stop me. I legit think it should be *censored*in illegal to release a game in the state this thing was released in.
  13. So, I guess someones taking the logos I post either here or the ones I uploaded for users here to update broken logos and modifying them again. I don't really mind that much but it'd be nice if they bothered to ask first. Someone took my 1st Class Badass logo and modified it, then uploaded it to Community Creations.
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