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  1. Agreed. I watched it once, and never understood how people found it so funny. They laugh at that movie the same way they laugh at someone pissing in public. People glorify stupidity these days...haven't you noticed that?
  2. Jaws the Revenge is the most unjustly criticized movie of all time. I can't count the number of scathing reviews I've read on it, and yet there are so many other 'monster' movies WAY worse that this one. The number one issue people have with it: it doesn't make any sense because a shark can't take things personally. Ummmm....last I checked this is hollywood and anything can be possible. I mean it is a monster movie after all. I can understand the movie taken less seriously because of the fantasy involved, but not to the degree most people take it. The acting is fine, not stellar, but good enough to at least understand the characters. The production had a decent budget, they just dropped the ball in the editing room on a few things. The music is a HUGE upgrade from the other two sequels and it actually fits the 'spooky' mood of the film very well. I just hate it when people compare it to movies like Troll 2 where the acting and production is so bad that it's just not believable that the movie even got released.
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