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  1. Curious about this as well. With all his moves in there I would love to have him on my roster. Could give him the Terminator entrance too.
  2. I believe this is still in there. It's under Triple Crown Champion 1 or 2. I updated a bunch of entrances yesterday and came across it. You certain? I'm talking pyro specifically, not entrance. I did not see it whatsoever. Ah, my bad, I was talking about the preset entrances.
  3. I believe this is still in there. It's under Triple Crown Champion 1 or 2. I updated a bunch of entrances yesterday and came across it.
  4. All 3 of those look great! That Ryker is spot on. Think I might get him and Forget about his partners, lol.
  5. Can't you also go into the match table for the show and set it up with however many MiTB matches you want?
  6. Probably a dumb question, but do you have to go in and assign the new moves to the wrestlers already in the game? If so, I got a long afternoon ahead of me, lol.
  7. Triple Hs King of Kings theme music is available now after the patch. Only new one I noticed.
  8. Springboard Stunner 3 Exploder Suplex 10 Wonderful 4 Assisted Twist of Fate Avalanche/Side Effect Combo Running Senton/Leg Drop Combo Claymore/Zig Zag Combo Matt Hardy 6 Diving Moonsault 5 Shooting Star 4 Inverted Phoenix Splash Double Rotation Moonsault Springboard Corkscrew Moonsault Springboard Shooting Star Tombstone Piledriver 3 Hammerlock DDT 3 Rope Hung Lungblower Middle Rope BME Springboard Sling Blade Spinning Handstand Springboard Superkick Springboard Spanish Fly Spinning Brainbuster Discus Clothesline 4 Suplex Piledriver 2 F-5 4 Elevated Flatliner Fisherman Driver 3 Wheelbarrow Leg Drop Best Kept Secret Deadlift Yokosuka Cutter Murphy's Law Slingshot X-Factor Inverted Atomic Drop/Leg Drop Combo Powerslam/Headbutt Combo Electric Chair/Bulldog Combo Time Bomb Avalanche Powerbomb Pop-Up Hurricanrana Dragon Twist Cutter Handspring Back Elbow/450 Splash Deadlift Powerbomb 2 Half & Half Suplex 3 Inverted Olympic Slam Rainbow Cutter Deadlift Apron Suplex Spiral Tap Hip Toss Chokeslam Springboard Feint Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 4 Pumphandle X-Factor Stormbreaker Torture Rack Back Stabber 2 Half Nelson Uranage Knee Strike/Moonsault Combo Strike Blitz/Mushroom Stomp Combo And more https://wwe.2k.com/news/wwe-2k19-new-moves-pack-coming-soon/
  9. How about for Thanksgiving we get the Gobbledy Gooker? And hell, why not Red Rooster too!
  10. Dude, you stole my face textures for Rush and Ricochet! Pretty sure the Buddy Murphy is mine too. I wont report you though, you did a way better job than I did with them. Also, the LA is Candices name is for Louisiana, shes from there, shes Papa Shangos daughter.
  11. ravenmack


    This is the Cody I've been waiting for.
  12. ravenmack

    Newbie Question

    After you have downloaded a new attire you'll have to go to the "Edit Superstar" menu and there will be a tab that has the option of "Use as alternate attire". Make sure it says yes if you want to use the current in game model with the attire you downloaded. The in Universe, go to the Superstars page and there you can set what attire you want them to use in matches.
  13. I actually like the sound of this. No longer will I see guys like Viktor rise up to #3 in the IC Title rankings or stuff like that. As someone else said, I think it will help with the AI booking and put together matches that make more sense.
  14. If they announced custom soundtracks next I might go running and yelling in the streets like a madman. I know that's probably too much to ask for at this point though. With everything they've announced so far, I feel like a kid who's gotten a puppy and bike for his birthday but still wants more.
  15. Now that I've seen what the Pop figure looks like, I think they might have roped me in. Between that, the ring and the piece of the robe, I'm telling myself it's worth the extra $40. It'd be the first collector's edition I've ever got and I love Flair so they got their first sucker.
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