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  1. Bhangra, excellent work as always my friend. Wolfie, your attention to detail hasnt wavered in thr slightest over the years. Almost makes me wanna get back into CAW making
  2. That is an excellent Hogan face. Best one I've seen in years. I had to double take for a second
  3. Here's a preview of Sasha's face up close And here are some shots of the final 6 (ALL CAWS!) in the Rumble in game
  4. Going for the 80s modern day WrestleFest look. Plus I've always tried to match in game models, and legends just don't look right with today's style. Over the years I've kinda grown tired of doing what everyone else does, so I wanted something unique. Also I have a bunch of textures from old SVR, LOW, and WWE/2K games but I've never had the No Mercy ones, but I loved what IccoTrac did with the series. So minus Hogan and Piper, these are custom made textures done in that style Sasha Banks preview in 1st post
  5. How ironic, I'm working on that exact Sasha Banks attire. Might have to stop work on mine
  6. I only had a few textures premade by Icco, but I have the base templates. I create them myself using stock footage and photoshop
  7. Wow... We have a new CAW champ in town. If you master Sasha Banks you'll break the internet
  8. Why the interest in those two if I may ask. They weren't exactly... Great wrestlers. Just asking. And Batista looks great Toolan
  9. Next will be Ted Dibiase... Thinking about Jim Duggan since his likeness is tough to capture
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