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  1. Two things I found interesting in the press releases. And is merely idle speculation on my part 1) GM's were referred to separately in a creation mode post. Why? 2) GM me de is now 4 player. Ok but in last year's GM mode you could only choose to GM smackdown, raw or nxt. . Interesting
  2. Wow no feedback whatsoever ever... hmm no point posting here. Thank you for your time and patient's and au revoir.
  3. Essentially this is just some practice that will not be released but thought I would show them to get feedback..
  4. So another smaller project with a smaller california based wrestling promotion. Project pic to go here.
  5. Soooo does anyone have access to the textures (not .DDS files my Photoshop doesn't agree with them) for Shane Haste AKA Shane Thorne AKA Slapjack? No reason. I mean he made 2 appearances for MPW but how could that be relevant?
  6. @WAO1048 maybe, but I am unsure if it is possible in the creation suite. At the very least there will be a santino bros school gym one done at some point, but first I have to finish the wips in post #2, then a few surprises, then the belts As a thank you for visiting and commenting heres jack slammer!
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