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  1. I actually did a large detailed ECW project when the game was released. All deleted now and I have no inclination to redo them. On the plus side a number of ecw alumni did make it to WCW. So I may do them
  2. Batch 2 has been uploaded. tags are WLF, WOT and WCW. all are reuploadable (as always) beyond that who else is in Batch 3????? Team Madness attire from 1999/2000 which seemed to work best with the face texture I had created. May need to tweak the face for Saturn and alter the facial hair for Chono and as always Constructive Criticism Appreciated. Oh I have also updated the main image for the project on page 1 of this thread. taken a look
  3. Batch 2 will be uploaded soon (possibly tomorrow) Lex Luger Greg Valentine The Barbarian Rick Fuller Meng Lash Leroux Horace Hogan Johnny B Badd Shawn Stasiak Avalanche Mike Enos Michael PS Hayes Mark Jindrack Sean O'Haire Kevin Sullivan Arn Anderson Ron Simmons Chuck Palumbo Lance storm Batch three will be replacing Batch 2 in the next week or son... Larry Zbyszko Ice Train Hard work Walker Disco Inferno The Wall Scott Norton Alex Wright El Dandy Pex Whatley Reese Super Calo Kwee Wee Glacier Rick Steiner The Maestro Barry Windham Brad Armstrong
  4. here is the work so far on Macho. most of the attires posted are not possible as there is not 3d equivalent of the tights. The head needs reshaping and a different hair as I think I am going to do two attires from 1999/2000 but as always constructive criticism appreciated.
  5. I just looked at those Macho attires and cried. I have however created a custom macho face texture and will see how it looks. if that goes well we will see.
  6. RE Lex Luger and Macho man can you point me towards a reference picture of each nd I will have a look there is a good chance for Luger as I am not entirely happy with my current version. I hate the in game Macho Man so if I did make him it would be a complete rework.. Got another one finished this weekend. just going to do his alternate WWF attire. and then I think it is time for some cruiserweights. prior to anything else
  7. Todays CAWS Thanks to @Peja12 for their awesome logs s I was really struggling with the hairline. seeking opinions on the face.... too wide? a regular lower card wrestler for WCW One of Ravens flock and also the Yeti (no Yeti alt attire as I have not unlocked that outfit. sorry
  8. As we are getting a bit more obscure here. This gent teamed with Scott Norton as part of Fire and Ice and then became MI Smooth. The gent worked for WcW for 8 years at the lower end of the card and never really got a fair chance. was managed by Teddy Long I also feel the need to clarify Hardwork Walker is not the same person as 'Hardbody Harris' (who will not be created as part of this project) Next up is a wrestler I really wanted to make but there are literally no decent images of him on the internet so had to make the face texture from scratch... and no I will not be doing his tattoos!
  9. 20 WcW caws uploaded tags wlf or wcw. Will be up for a week or so and then the next batch will go up. Batch 1. Mcmichael Vincent Clark Adams Sid Stevie Ray Finland Malenko Kidman Morris Valerie Miller DDP Rotunda Flynn Smiley Hogan Raven Steiner Kanyon
  10. Maybe , but There doesn't seem to be too much interest in my stuff. this is all practice for WWE 2k22. I am a GM mode fan and if I can create a WCW promotion in that then they will all eventually get released for 2k22
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