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  1. So picked up 2k19 again for cheap. Decided to convert my UK 8ndie wrestler project from 2k20 to 2k19. Constructive criticism always appreciated. Suggestions appreciated as long as they follow these rules 1. UK indie wrestlers only. 2. Decent human beings only. David Starr will not be created. 3. No NXTuk Beyond that hope you enjoy this and moveset ideas are greatly appreciated as I suck at them;
  2. Wizard of thay

    Best Women?

    I think some of my caws should be floating around If not then joshistar is definitely your cawer
  3. Fantastic as always. Love creators that go for something a little different and niche. Looking forward to seeing what's next
  4. looks great. (the attire, I will not comment on the face texture.) gotta say after making that face texture i am convinced that beulah had a clause in her contract that stated all photos taken of her must be insanely low res or she must be allowed to keepp her mouth open in a drive a caw maker insane fashion.
  5. If you want to email the face texture I can try to clean it up?
  6. Steiner is all about the eyes and eyebrows. His eyebrows are short and quite high off the eye. And his eyes are like a diamond widest nearest the nose and then tapering.
  7. Not enough information to make a decision here. What will the gameplay be like. Is there a caw mode What devices will it be released for What is the price point. But even then so far this doesn't look like a game for me
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