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  1. The issue with 2k20 were not the models. The lighting was off in that game it was glitch and it was a backward step from 2k19. Whilst the trailer was nice until it addresses the weaknesses of the previous game I am unconvinced.
  2. I have very low hopes for this game. given the Pandemic, potential resources for this game working on WWE Battlegrounds, the dire marketing and well WWE2k20. so I reckon we will get to see the logo for the game and an approximate release date
  3. they are just screenshots form my PS. I then just load them into a prepared template I made in photoshop
  4. i created a twitter account upload the images there and then copy the link.
  5. looks god, but the images are only thumbnails :C
  6. Not feeling any arenas at the moment. Hoodslam's and Reality Of Wrestling are pretty generic looking so would not be interesting to do. Belts same thing. if there is something interesting then I could be interested but at the moment nothings jumping out at me. I am currently only working on two CAW's one has an interesting attire and the other one I am waiting for advice on part of it. without some inspiration or interesting suggestions this project may be winding down (but I accept I have said that before!) so if you have requests please note the following guidelines. 1) if they have been in a major promotion for more than a cup of tea I am unlikely to be interested. 2) it their attire is boring I am unlikely to be interested (I'm looking at all of you who wrestle in jeans and t-shirts) 3) if they are a tool on their social media I am unlikely to be interested.
  7. @Jtown4life none of those really appear to me. however I have been hard at work Wildkat Heavyweight Championship ROW texas Championship @P1styles88 some requests completed.... Mysterious Q https://twitter.com/Da_Mysterious_Q https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=7725&name=Mysterious+Q Brian Keith https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=16433&gimmick=Brian+Keith https://twitter.com/bountykeith?lang=en Ryan Davidson ROW champion https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=14369&name=Ryan+Davidson https://twitter.com/RDBEAR57
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