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  1. Wanna see some early WIPs...and nope they are not all for the NXT UK project.
  2. Kenny Williams early preview. Eyes and brow need remorphing. Attire logos need doing. Tattoos need doing.
  3. A couple of previews... Redid Barretts face and body morph, added Entrance and victory motions, fixed up the moveset and remembered to add his arm tattoos With regards Stevie Turner hoping to convince @Joshistarto do an attire for me at some point redone Mark Coffeys face and have a few uploads I will finalise this weekend
  4. I think the eyes can be bigger and a bit closer together
  5. I would be interested to see the other hair options for francine. Allie kat is very early. I think she would benefit from a face morph. The nose could be thinner and the top angled down. I think the eyes need reshaping too.
  6. No plans for anything beyond the nxt uk roster at this time.
  7. Redid a couple fo face morphs I wasn't totally happy with. Opinions?
  8. sent Joshistar an updated face texture. lets see what happens
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