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  1. @PaperThinWalls thank you for reopening thread. @Paperchase now to deal with you. I rarely do requests. I particularly do not do them if the person asking is not known to me and behaves in an in-polite manner unfortunately it can make me respond in an unprofessional manner. so here it is. Here are some KroniK Caws. they will never be uploaded and this is the nearest you will ever get to them. learn respect. and for the decent people here. here is another tag team.
  2. MVP uploaded and s some more: Alternate MVP attire Aiden English with 2 attires
  3. One of my favourite wrestlers and I think I am improving at this cawing lark. M.V.P.
  4. Reworked Malenko. A lot happier now. Preview soon Also all the other caws are uploaded and reuploadable. Enjoy.
  5. Every Cawer has their nemesis. a wrestler who's face they just cannot capture. I have three and each year I try to make them with varying degrees of success. so here are two of the three. Fit Finlay and Dean Malenko Not sure If I managed capture him so any advice appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. yep some of the poses do make the wrestlers look like gurning fools, but better that than everyone in my game having the same poses. anyway. Here's another CAW. Hope you all like it.
  7. Yep CC Beard is a nightmare I am not really ready for. but anyway I am not retired anymore. it would appear that when I am stressed I CAW. So can anyone guess how stressed I am today? Billy Gunn Alt attire (Reality of Wrestling vs Lance Archer) Damien Sandow The Hurricane Gregory Helms Austin Aries and a genuine thank you for the constructive criticism. it reminds me people actually look at the stuff I have made.
  8. The first Billy Gunn Texture looked ok in photoshop but just didn't work as for the second one, I actually like it.. maybe some morph changes but the texture is finnal. torn between a third obscure Billy Gunn attire and a wrestler who I have never ever made before (which I actually find surprising.)
  9. Thanks. Probably won't be uploading stuff. No longer have PSN. Plus very little interest in my CAWS. So these are just for fun for me. Minor Update. completely redone the Billy Gunn Face texture and attires...Pictures soon.
  10. Done. May...be still retired???? Constructive Criticism always appreciated
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