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  1. Dammit I am just having too much fun doing UK Indie Wrestlers Redid Justin Sysum and think it looks a lot better
  2. TAG: UK Project. OK just spent the morning creating a number of PSN accounts/profiles to allow me to uplaod all my caws at once. (100 slots baby) so the first ones to be uploaded will be my UK Project. these are the current caws uploaded and will be on the servers forever! Enjoy.
  3. think I need to work on the hair a bit more but attires pretty much done
  4. I made Joey Hayes ages ago, just forgot to post here. will be uploaded in my second wave of UK Indie wrestler.
  5. well I have two planned for my UK project. you will not guess who (well you can try) as for CCK . I hate him. hate him. hate him. for months I have been trying to create a custom face texture for him. looking everywhere for a decent image where he isnt poking his blood tongue out. or its of poor quality. or his hair inst stupid (Spoiler his hair is always stupid) it broke me I failed. I gave up and moved on. and then the B"£tard posts this... hes taunting me isn't he. I HATE YOU CHRIS BROOKES but in all seriousness yes he is on the list as the third caw
  6. Shield era dean Ambrose and then just to show you how random I am and this topic is I give you..... The body needs a bit more work
  7. Apologies. That was my pre morning cup of tea reply. A dangerous time for others. This is post morning cup of tea me. Sabin reuploaded. He is reuploadable so you can do as you wish with him. Also uploaded 12 or so other caws. Enjoy
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