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  1. WWE, unless your name Charli DaMelio, you are not #1 on TikTok.
  2. My first thought hearing it was "ManBearPig".
  3. I'm sorry, but did they just call Keith, "BearCat"?
  4. I'm getting ads after it pauses and starts buffering. I miss the WWE Network.
  5. So all these people get released, yet David Otunga is still on the roster?
  6. Cool shit, just downloaded her. Thanks for that!
  7. Uh oh, looks like Ashley Diamond suffers from the AJ Styles Tower bug when trying to download her if you didn't complete it. I got as far as Roman Reigns, which ended in a draw because he wouldn't tap out, before I called it a night.
  8. Oh cool, interesting backstory. I'll have to put her on the roster in my Universe that has Helena on it so I can play that rivalry up.
  9. You know, after checking her out and replacing Nitro with Monroe, I'm really digging her new look.
  10. Oh awesome, thanks for this, I downloaded all 5. Great to have Rachel, Skylar and Cora back on my roster and Ana and Lori are a blast to play.
  11. Whoa, awesome news to wake up to. I'll be downloading just as soon as I make room on the roster. Can't wait to check them out.
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