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  1. These look great. When I finally get off work, I'll be sure to download them all.
  2. All downloaded, they look great! Always happy to see Crystal Bayless make her return.
  3. You also can't choose her theme for a CAW and anyone else.
  4. They will show up as a team if you hit "Default", first team on the list and you're not able to edit them other than deletion. Candice and Indi will also show up as a team when you hit "Default" but Indi is not added to The Way stable, so you have to add her.
  5. Oh I can't wait to see the 2k22 versions of your characters.
  6. Just wait, eventually they're gonna pipe "Gunther" chants through the feed.
  7. Alright, Logan Paul and Johnny Knoxville were pretty good.
  8. I'm having way too much fun watching this match.
  9. It was a fun show. Hope night 2 is just as good.
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