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  1. WESLEY HOPE -- AERIAL KING Wesley was once again out and about, finding himself something to do. He didn't have much on his plate as of now, but after a nice meal, Wesley decided to move ahead onto a hotel room to catch up on some relaxation. Upon getting into the hotel, Wesley would make himself comfortable, preparing to watch some new television shows. Of course SupremePRO was racing through his mind, but he wanted to take a moment to get his mind off of his eventual debut before thinking of ways to get his name out there. A segment involving Wesley was on his mind, but exactly what would this young talent say? Tune in to find out!
  2. WESLEY HOPE -- AERIAL KING What a boring day of affairs for Wesley. The young talent currently has nothing on his plate. From being outdoor, you would imagine that he would have at least something to occupy his time. Sadly, that wasn't the case. We watch as Wesley begins to walk around town in search of something to do. Maybe a quick bite to eat? Yeah, lets go with that. Wesley makes his way into a small local restaurant (Let my imagination roam, I just woke up.) The inside of this little diner looked simplistic, reminding him of his home in Louisville. Nothing special, but nothing outlandish. Wesley would take his seat, gracing over the menu. Very simple choices here, so Wesley had to go simple. "I'll have an order of the chicken tenders please." See, I said simple. You really can't get much simpler than chicken tenders, right?
  3. WESLEY HOPE -- AERIAL KING A respectful reply from Kai, one which left Wesley nodding his head in agreement. He couldn't expect people to be on his side after just joining this company, he had to prove his worth. Wesley would run his hand through his hair as he greets Kai with a small smirk. "I gotcha', man. And as far as making an IMPACT and making my name known, I'll be a hundred percent honest with ya', I'm about to extend my brand further than most have in their entire career. I'm not one of those kids whose going to make these false promises and then a week later be out of this company. That's not how I roll." Wesley would shake his head, adding onto his point. He would take a step closer to Kai, looking over the talent in front of him. "They say that to become somebody in this business you have to further your claim, and although I agree with what you said, I can't help but respectfully disagree as well. See me out on this Kai. I'm wanting to be the best superstar to ever step inside this ring, because believe it or not, I'm great. I've got all the tools to be the best damn superstar to ever grace this promotion. No offense, but showing my worth is the least of my worries. Within a month, I'll be touted as one of the best within this company, and who knows, Kai -- Maybe one day our paths will cross inside this ring. And then, maybe, just maybe -- I'll show you what I'm TRULY about." Wesley would greet Kai with another self inciting confident grin, awaiting for his reply. TBC: Kai
  4. WESLEY HOPE -- AERIAL KING What a confidence killer for Wesley, his smile slowly faded away to a frown. It was expected that Kai would be unaware of who Wesley was, being that the young man had little experience under his belt. Primarily under small independent promotions. Wesley would run his hand through his black hair as he returns a grin to the face of Kai. "No offense taken, buck-o. But that's the thing, I get that people are going to be unfamiliar with me. I'm just a young kid who realistically hasn't got the most notorious following. So, I expected as much." Wesley would shake his head in disappointment as he looked over the outdoor surrounding around him. Could possibly be a great first encounter for Wesley if he played his cards right. "Call me a little conceited, but if you need to know anything about me, its that I'm not here to impress anybody. But lets cut the whole shtick, were outside the ring. What happens inside that is purely business. As much as I'd love to [CENSORED] talk the rest of this roster, I have no use for it, well not now anyways." Wesley shows another smile in the direction of Kai. "In other news, I hear this whole promotion is on the rise. Chose a great time to join, I suppose. Could use an ally or two, as a young kid who doesn't have much [CENSORED] on his plate, I could definitely use the support. Offers on the table, bud." TBC: Kai
  5. WESLEY HOPE -- THE AERIAL KING The ink was still wet on the contract as Wesley Hope has officially been signed. This would be a defining moment for Wesley as he has dreamed of a moment like this since his youth. Perhaps most of all was the chance that this young man was getting a chance in his very first promotion, but don't let that fool you. Wesley has had many years of experience while training with some big names, but as far as actually setting foot inside a company as big as this one? Absolutely not. But enough about contract details, and moving on to the new task at hand. It was a nice, calm Summer night, and Wesley was out on the town. Passing through the small suburban streets ahead of him, Wesley knew he had to get adjusted to this new lifestyle. No more late night partying, no more countless nights out, he had to step up an accept that his future was now calling. In a shocking development, Wesley runs into his first SupremePRO talent, Kai Stevens. A large smile comes across the young mans face as he looks at one of the men he has seen on his television screen on a number of occasions. "Consider me lucky, I never in a million years would have thought I'd run into you. Especially on my first night here. What's up, Kai? My name is Wesley. I'm the newbie around these parts, but don't let that fool ya', pal. I'm here to prove myself and show EXACTLY what I'm capable of. I'm sure you can relate, right?" Wesley looks at Kai with a large smile, awaiting his reply. TBC: Kai
  7. ANDREI ASHEN Uplifted from the last post, Andrei has moved away from the lake which had kept him company for several minutes but not Andrei passes forward on his way back to the SCW arena, but bare in mind that there are several things that can happen to Andrei on his way. Most of them include stopping, looking around and buying something. It's just a matter of time before he does exactly that. It wasn't long, even before this could get typed out Andrei find's something worth looking into. A small shop along the stretch to the arena held several eye grabbing sweatshirts. The one grabbing his attention most was a black and silver trimmed shirt with the SCW logo imprinted on it. Although it would seem rather generic in front of many, Andrei found it simple enough and purchased the item. At least now he had some SCW memorabilia.
  8. ANDREI ASHEN Scenery has been changed for Andrei as he finds himself away from the arena on a walk nearest a nearby lake. One about a mile down the road from the SCW Arena. Regardless, this is where we find Andrei at this moment sitting on a small bench looking out to the water in the distance. It was a very calm setting, with a mixed breeze giving off a great feeling. A mood settling sort was the mood felt in the area as some ducks could be seen in the water, and the sound of splashing fish in the distance, it almost reminded Andrei of his home. Except it was hard to imagine anything like home with all the passing traffic just yards away from him. Still however, Andrei had to escape the boundaries of people parading SCW and free his mind the only way he knew how.
  9. ANDREI ASHEN "Off he goes, and where he stops nobody knows", well other than Andrei himself who just so happens to be headed in the direction of the food court, where we just know he's going to pick up on something good. Baring in mind there is actually something edible there this time around. Luckily for Andrei there was at least something in the area that he could contend with. It wasn't a large item in particular, but there were a few meat and dairy products from earlier, the norm for the cafe. Instead of grabbing up a few of those, Andrei heated to the little disposal for snacks and drinks settling for something small, being as he only had a few more hours before he headed back to sleep. I guess as of now it was a bag of Cheetos and a can of Dr.Pepper to pass the time.
  10. ANDREI ASHEN Andrei with a sort of little brief moment there wasn't doing anything, almost as if he was in space! Reality though was that his handler was sleeping after a long hard day of work. These extra early days are killing me! With that said Andrei can be seen in his room sitting atop a chair lying back back. He had a few hours to think about Gabriel Gospel, but as of now his upcoming opponent wasn't on his mind. The thing crossing his directions at this second was grabbing something to eat. Hours without a bite was at least something Andrei wanted fixed. And off he goes.
  11. ANDREI ASHEN "Sunlight so bright, won't you dine away from me tonight?" Away from the sun and trees which he laid for several minutes, now fines Andrei section out through the halls of SCW, with his headphones still blaring and thoughts still racing. Forgetting that this wasn't just another match, this was a very big chance for Andrei to prove that he belonged in this ring and that he wasn't just another kid trying to get their chance. Andrei slowly walks past the backdoor which he emerged from and headed in the direction opposite of it. Next stop, his room.
  12. ANDREI ASHEN On his mind was the severity of the upcoming path of destruction between Gospel and himself. A noble cause to be established as it was clear that only one man would walk out. Perhaps his mind would have a few things to say later in the night, but as for now it was all about some Pantera and lying next to the tree on this sunny afternoon. The music was nice for the soul as was the sunlight on across his area. While it was a little hot for his comfort level, he would succumb to this an accept it as a whole. Not because he wanted too, but because what else was there for him too do? He wasn't a gym rat like some of the men in this company, he wasn't as social as other men, but he could talk if needed. He was just a guy who takes his place and settles in, wherever that takes him, it where Ashen will go.
  13. ANDREI ASHEN Immortal? Nothing is immortal. We are all just images created in the eyes of our creator. When you try to strive to be something you're not, you'll fall under all the pressure and be an obscurity in and out of the ring. Ask Hennessey for example, the kid is a laughing stock within the promotion. A false strife of judgement would not be thrown upon Ashen however, as he knows the upset and regret that can come from failure. It is not an option, and with avoiding failure comes great strides and for one must take they need to accept such task and go in full force. That's what she said. People have no idea what to expect on Wednesday, they're not sure exactly what Andrei can bring to the ring. Unknown reasons have Andrei set as a question mark in the eyes of many in the back. However it is fair to say that he isn't the favorite going into this contest, Gospel has done far too much in his career to be cast aside as just another talent. However what a change in scenery it would be, should Andrei be victorious as he clearly wants to achieve. This match will no doubt be a battle of the best, and in this world it's clearly survival of the fittest...and only the strong survive. Checkmate, may the best man win.
  14. ANDREI ASHEN How great, Andrei is sure to have his hands tied up against a man like Gabriel Gospel who has proven in the past that he deserves to be an in ring performer. The guy has had success just about anywhere he's been, and he's no pushover. Andrei has to acknowledge this with a heavy head going into RAGE. With that said Andrei settled outside of the arena on a pair of steps, at least removed from his rooms his thoughts could escape himself. Maybe there are just a few things that Andrei could do to better prepare himself? Better yet, what if there is something we can all do to prepare ourselves for the future? Andrei has his and over his face, the world around him was turning slowly. Time to revolve these doors and change this place. Andrei had a plan, but success wasn't always one sided.
  15. ANDREI ASHEN Work has cut any time that I've had in half! Also I will be going on Vacation on September 4th throughout the 8th, so my activity level will be quite low. With that said, questions have been set in stone for Andrei who eagerly awaited the upcoming RAGE card. Andrei was recapping over the recent episode of Adrenaline, and kept his eyes on his debut cameo. It was the one part of the night which he had repeated over, again and again. Hours have passed as he has listened to his vocalization. Odd behavior, time consuming but thought relenting. Andrei sighs as he shakes his head. Perhaps it was time to do something else. Maybe Andrei should get out for a bit, it would do him good at least.
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