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  1. ref counts faster than the pin meter
  2. if you go into roster then edit superstar the option is there, 6 times i've tried to edit kanes entrance to 98 and its crashed every single time, soft crashes on saving, soft crashes on preview, hard crashes when trying to play as him, lets just say its made broadcasting on twitch a pain in the arse
  3. i managed to get a refund of 98 dollars to my account and keep the game, wish they had given me back the funds via paypal.
  4. i have a feeling this patch everybody keeps talking about is the one that came with the game already, if the version that we have is the same one from that youtuber event and that already had access to the bump in the night dlc content then you can pretty much guess its going to be the same come next week.
  5. the fact they have stayed silent since the whole mess is pretty evident that they knew fine well this game was by any means half finished, i honestly don't know how anybody can defend this game game or even this company anymore, i for one wont be buying another 2k product hows one meant to trust this company after that? will they apologize? will they *Censored*
  6. btw if you want to see the greatest thing ever then i suggest giving hulk hogan ribbles entrance LMAO
  7. not being able to control tag partners makes me sad game hard crashed during my first show in universe mode, hit detection from certain moves ie karl andersons running leg drop..........play it you'll see what i mean, not touched creation mode yet i'll wait till thats fixed oh here's hoping blood gets fixed. so far i'm liking what i've played so far
  8. after putting blood on and trying to kill flair with chairs and stairs and for 15 or so mins all he has on his face is a tiny scratch...........i guess blood is *censored*ed as well then. i did notice you can choke people in the ring with a kendo stick in the corner
  9. Can you then after doing that delete save 1? no because it corrupts that save, erm also forgot to mention, don't touch save 1 again
  10. ok folks, i have a work around for the universe mode and your caw guys will show up with full stats, attires, movesets. play your my universe as normal, add the caw guys to the roster as normal (they will still show as superstar, no attires and little stats........SAVE IT, go back into it and save it again as a new save, DON'T DELETE SAVE 1 or you could corrupt save 2, load save 2 and there you have it. enjoy
  11. so we can't manually break up pins and stuff with the illegal partner?Doesn't seem like it, at least in Mixed Tag it didn't worked, test Tag Team in a minute. Same thing in normal tag man did you change the settings during the match, ie targeting it should be there
  12. played it at work this morning while we where setting up for the day, need to get used to the buttons other than that i thought it was fine, you can see there's a few bits and bobs that makes this game play slightly different from 2k19 so roll on tonight before i can sink my teeth into the game some more. btw if you ever played fifa then you play your friends at pro evo then you'll know what i'm talking about the button layout, will take a bit of time getting used to it
  13. Based on what? Absolutely nothing? And how Sunday evening, when the game releases on Tuesday? jesus christ, release dates counts for nothing these days especially at the weekends in you live in europe
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